Sunday, May 22, 2011

American Standards and Quality

Have you seen the video of that guy who is trying to pretend he is a baby to bilk the government?  Can you believe that the news media outlets actually gave this guy a story?  Just out of curiosity, would you do that?  Would you humiliate yourself in front of the world for money?  These people who do just don't understand that money does not buy you happiness.  So the freakazoid (from San Francisco no less) will now have a few extra bucks AND STILL be a moron.

Speaking of which, I guess the guy who convinced a bunch of robots that the world would end yesterday is thinking up his latest excuse (also from San Francisco).  I did not look up whatever it was he said in 1994 when he did the SAME EXACT SCAM then.  We need to find those people and study them, find out what it was that made them believe such nonsense.  It might help us understand what the Democratic Party is all about.  How does the DNC get such mindless followers?  What exactly makes people blindly follow the Democrats?  Maybe I should scale that back a bit.  True liberals aren't totally mindless.  The far-left socialist liberals are the ones who really should be examined.  The ones who have never, ever watched Fox news yet hate Fox news.  The ones who despise Glenn Beck having never ONCE watched his show.

I like Glenn Beck.  Do I buy into every single thing he says?  No.  But I do know he does his homework and he finds out things that most of us had no idea was going on.  He is awesome when it comes to the history of our founding fathers.  I admire him greatly for his ability to put 2 and 2 together.  He has outed countless people on the far left and in this mafia filled administration and has forced the resignation of some very dangerous people.  We wouldn't have a clue who George Soros is without Glenn Beck.  I also find it amazing that Glenn Beck went to Israel at EXACTLY the moment the Boy King makes the single most incredible blunder of his presidency.  THAT was perfect timing.  The Israel situation will bring down this presidency.  If the radical Muslims lose control and attack Israel he will have to answer for it.  And there was Glenn Beck standing in Jerusalem warning everybody.

We have a lot in this country to be grateful for.  We have accomplished a lot in our short history of time.  Of course the socialists don't want you to realize that.  They want chaos.  They want everybody to hate each other.  They want you to focus on the freaks that pretend to be babies to bilk the government.  They want you to believe that we're a horrible, racist country.  They make fun of patriotism.  A hundred years ago the life expectancy was about 40 years.  Now it's approaching 90.  In fact, our standard of life improved so much that social security is going bankrupt.  The people who enforced it didn't expect people to live much past 65. 

Think about that for a moment.  The liberals who started Social Security actually BANKED on you contributing all your life, every single paycheck as an adult, to a government program in anticipation of you dying soon after your retired.  It is actually designed to only pay you benefits for about ten years.  Instead, the quality and standard of life for most Americans has sky rocketed to 90 years and beyond.  That is a good reason to celebrate being American.  Not only have we increased standards for ourselves, we set a higher standard around the world.  The socialist like to point their accusing fingers at us as examples of evil and the cause of despair elsewhere in the world.  The opposite is true.  Without wealthy, prosperous and intelligent societies there would be no way for the world to move upward.  Our wealth does not stop at our borders.  It goes far beyond.

Whenever you see people whining about our country take a moment to remind them why we're so great.  And remind them that the vision that Hollywood, the news, the socialists, the liberals, and the George Soros Mao lovers want you to see is wrong.  I'll take some moron sucking on a baby bottle over the poverty and oppression in the Middle East ANY DAY.  Just open your eyes and compare.

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