Friday, May 27, 2011

Eating Onions...The Democratic Dream

I am sure the kids in Washington DC are thrilled that they get to eat ONIONS for their snack in the morning.  This is probably the dumbest story I've seen yet.  Third graders were given green onions to eat as their morning snack.  I wonder how much they charged the school for each green onion. 

Naturally, any new law or program produced by the liberals directly puts money into their pockets.  All the new laws and policies and procedures they've been FORCING schools to adapt to have a political angle.  The companies that provide the "healthy foods" to the schools are big Democratic donors.

Here's a great question:  The liberals who forced the new EPA laws that took Cleaning agents out of dishwasher machine soap....Did they invest money in the alternative dish soap that is coming out to replace the old?  Cascade cannot be happy that the government forced them to remove the cleaning agents from their dishwasher liquid and then like magic other companies popped out of nowhere to replace them.  We need to check who invested in WHAT companies.

This is becoming a habit.  Al Gore is probably the King of Profit.  As he sits in his multi-million dollar seaside mansion counting his billions of dollars one should wonder HOW he made those billions, eh?  Of course after the Iraq war the liberals spent all their time screeching and pointing fingers at Blackwater and such...all the while they were making billions of dollars on global warming nonsense.  Which is FAKE and made up ENTIRELY by scientists who were given money by DEMOCRATS to make these false claims.  (Remember the Democrat's golden rule...whatever they are accusing the right of doing THEY are the ones doing it).

NOAA is a perfect example of this.  I have personal knowledge of this because my ex-husband was directly involved in the LANDSAT project at NASA in the late 80s early 90s when AL GORE and his GOONS took over what was a very flourishing spy satellite program and turned it into a Democratic kickback.  This is where he started his global warming scam.  By taking over defense satellites and funding a bunch of people at NOAA to throw up faked scientific data to help his "cause".  Of course, to scam people you need "scientists" to back up your claims.  If you were funding a group of scientists hundreds of millions of dollars to convince people of trumped up weather claims do you honestly think these scientists would come out and say "Well actually, there is no real proof of global warming".  Do you really think these scientists would turn off the money fountain?  Of course not.  I would expect these very well paid elitist scientists who, by the way, live and work at Goddard Space Center near Washington, DC to keep trumpeting their sugar daddy and his "causes".

We are finally seeing the news media tell people this.  The Democrats rode a long wave of money on that scam and we are still fighting it.  People are finally realizing what a scam it is.  But have no fear, the Democrats realized that their scam was being exposed and they had a plan for it.  They've been methodically invading our courts across the country to get EPA and Dept of Ag regulations passed so they can still continue to profit and shove their agenda down our throats.  The Democrats didn't bank on Americans actually learning the truth so now they will just do it under the radar.

Which is another reason the Democrats and this President are so desperately trying to enact FCC laws to control the internet and the news media.  NOTHING irritates the Democrats more than the conservative websites.  Expect this to be a huge focus for them going into the 2012 election.  You can't get any more communist than controlling the news media.

Which is why we must do EVERYTHING possible to defeat the Democrats in 2012.  Otherwise, you're going to be eating onions, folks.

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