Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Election in November Will Only Be The Beginning

I'm seeing a lot of positive signs. Yes, there may be hope yet for our country.

There are a lot of "leaks" coming out about Obama and his past. There are a lot of stories about Solyndra and similar democratic donors receiving MILLIONS from his administration...and looks like Karma is finally catching up to the corrupt party of the left. Solyndra is just the tiny tip of the iceberg my friends. We will be finding out a lot in the next year for sure and the Dems are going to have a lot 'splaining to do.

Money and power corrupt people. With Obama...He was corrupt long before he got power. He was chosen for the position before he became president. There is no doubt in my mind that he would have NEVER been elected president had it not been for the corrupt handlers around him...and Pelosi and her far left ilk. George Soros and his buying the liberal media lock, stock, and barrel. It is sickening.

Getting the Dems out of power is only 1/4 of the battle. We have to purge how Washington does business. We have to purge the liberal media. We have to purge all the big money lobbyists who lurk on capital hill preying on our representatives. It's like the Mafia in Washington DC. Not to say it hasn't always been that way. This is hardly the first time in history that there has been corruption in Washington DC. There has ALWAYS been corruption in Washington, DC.

Which is the point.This is why our founding fathers were so brilliant. They KNEW this. They came from Britain and it is WHY they left. When they sat down and wrote our constitution they designed it to protect us from this corruption. The people (LIKE OBAMA) who want to change it want to change it because they despise everything this country stands for.

Obama's mother and grandparents hated our government. He was raised and groomed with a huge anti-American chip on his shoulder. The guy went to college and became a CONSTITUTION EXPERT so that he could change it and corrupt it. He has continuously lied about himself, his beliefs, his goals, his policies, and what it is he is trying to do. I truly believe in 20-30 years we will find out things about this president that will scare us half to death. He is the most dishonest politician in our life time.

The most disgusting thing to me is that we have allowed this corruption in the first place. Republicans are not innocent in this. The GOP of this decade rolled over and played dead and allowed this to happen. Or they were naive about the danger that was posed by the far left. George Bush had more pressing concerns, I know, namely Muslim terrorists trying to blow up entire cities. And while he was busy trying to keep us safe people like Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi undermined our government and put in place anti-American socialists who were just as damaging as the terrorists.

I have no doubt we will elect a Republican next November. But don't be naive in thinking that will solve our problems. It will take YEARS to reverse the horrendous damage inflicted on our country. It will take determination and focus to eradicate the roaches the left has infected us with. We cannot rely on the John McCain's and Lindsay Graham's to fix things. It was their complacency that got us into trouble in the first place. We have to change how Washington works...and that is going to take a lot of bold moves to unseat a lot of powerful people. It's going to take an unselfish person who is willing to take some tough punches to the gut.People like Sarah Palin and Hermain Cain are good beginnings. But of course the corruption in Washington will be out to destroy anybody threatening their pockets and power. Think of them as the first waves. It's going to take several waves crashing into the beach to erode it....but eventually it will happen.

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