Monday, October 31, 2011

Let's TEBOW the Media

I'm a huge Denver fan. Why am I a Denver fan? Mainly because I grew up watching John Elway play football. From the last game he played in college...which is historic by the the day he won his second Super Bowl I was the happiest football fan ever.

John Elway had an incredibly exciting football career. He broke records that are today still unbroken. There are actual plays named after him. When he won his first Super Bowl against the Brett Favre and the Packers it was like all of us won the Super Bowl. I can honestly say it was one of the happiest moments of my life and I will remember it forever.

Now, why would that be? How could somebody I don't even know winning a game of football be that special? Well, anyone who watched John Elway knows the answer to that question. There couldn't be a John Elway today. The media has become too slanderous. Even then, they dogged him and were almost successful at squashing him. Which is why it was that much more special when he won the Super Bowl.

John Elway didn't play a perfect game every time. Hell, he lost the Super Bowl three times and some of those games were total blow outs. But we all knew he had it in him and we all knew he would do it. I remember watching the Redskins game and even though he was getting pummeled John Elway had a smile on his face and loved playing football. And we loved him for it.

The news media today is not that patient. They have to attack, squash and kill everything.When did we give this power to the news media? Why are we letting them decide who our heros are? Who decided THEY know more than we do? It's one thing if these creeps think they are in the "know" about people and decide who they will attack, who they will let off the hook, and who they will support or not support...It's another when it so greatly shapes our culture.

I don't care if Tebow loses big a season or two. I want the media to give him the time he needs to grow. Truth be told, I liked Kyle Orton!! But no, the news media is going to dog this guy to his dying breath because he is RELIGIOUS and CONSERVATIVE and they hate him. John Elway is a Republican I might add. Of course, back when he played football nobody talked about politics in football. Nobody talked about politics much at all. You watched football because you loved football.

Now we have this kami kazi news media who decides who they will "kill" and who they will not. How do we change that? Why are we letting them decide? It's time to figure this out, folks. I want more John Elways in life and lot less news media decisions. These creeps don't know a thing and they should not be shaping the way our kids think or how we view people. They should be giving us the information we WANT TO HEAR not giving us information that is NOT TRUE and to THEIR political advantage.

This is why it's so important to have both sides represented. We have a CHOICE. When given a CHOICE the Dems lose...and they know it. That's why they are trying to take it away from us.

Let's TEBOW the news media and figure it out.

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