Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Day Fighting The Marxist President We Elected

So how important is Fast and Furious and Solyndra? Well let me give you a clue...99%.

All the noise about these protests...which are at best a few thousand people....has the backing of the news media of course. Would we expect anything less? When did you ever believe anything the news media says? Exactly.

The Democrats have become so desperate at this point they actually believe their only hope to winning the next election is to create some grand worldwide chaos. Like this is going to win over the country.

I have a news flash for the Democrats. If they think they can create some kind of disaster that will allow them to prevent the next election....They're going to find out real quick what it like when 200,000 million people get into their cars and drive to Washington, DC. In fact, I'm willing to bet the military would be more than happy to fly the Obama's and the rest of the Democratic stooges into exile for us.

A few corrupt news organizations and a socialist, Marxist president does not have the power to take our country away from us. But the constitution does. The people do. We do. And we will.

It's actually quite funny. These leftover hippies from the 60s and 70s, who probably smoked one or two joints way too many, have been sitting around ruminating about their utter failure since then. They've sat around brooding, figuring out how they can actually do what it was they were trying to do then.

If they had been patient and smart they probably could have pulled it off. The Global Warming scam was a nice touch but thanks to the Russians it fell flat on its face. What possessed the socialists to decide that taking a dump on the American flag at some Marxist protests would win the hearts of Americans is beyond me.

In fact, they had to pay these scumbags to go to these protests. Look at them. So take a wild guess how many of them will be there when it snows and is 20 degrees outside?? Perhaps Obama plans on busing in trailers for them.

So lets get back to the original thought. Solyndra and Fast and Furious are two separate scandals that will most likely see people going to prison. Eric Holder especially....and if Obama is extremely lucky he won't be impeached. All this noise they are trying to create to get the news media to focus on instead of SOLYNDRA and Fast and Furious is not going to work.

The president of this country and his attorney general GAVE ASSAULT WEAPONS to drug cartels in Mexico and then LIED TO THE CONGRESS about it. They gave them these assault weapons for what purpose? To set up some kind of SCAM for their gun control legislation.

Not that the liberals think they have to follow the law or constitution or anything.

Now they think they can drum up some kind of "socialist revolution" to take over the country.

This is called "Desperation 101" folks. We've been warning you that the next election cycle would get ugly. Well here's your ugly. A president of our country is actually backing a SOCIALIST REVOLUTION to stay in power because he can't defend his actions in his first term. The people reject his policies and he resorts to a "socialist revolution" to stay in power. He and his far left socialist buddies (with George Soros's money) think they can pay a bunch of GOONS to scare the public and drum up violence to disrupt the next election.

I've got a news flash for them. IT WILL NOT WORK.

Thank you, Democrats, for showing your hand at this Poker game. The world can finally know with 100% certainty what this president and what the Democratic party is all about. It's about destroying our country. It's about destroying capitalism. It's about taking our culture and throwing it in the dumpster and trying to make us into something we are not.

Good try....and I hope you enjoy your exile.

It took 12 years after Jimmy Carter for people to trust the Democrats enough to elect them to power. It will take DECADES next time. But don't be fooled. They won't go away even after we throw them out of power. They will be there...doing their best with the money they stole from the "stimulus" disrupt this country. It is our job to make sure we track these people down and root them out. The GOP will have to clean house and find every last tentacle of this disease the Democrats have given our country.

Freedom should never be taken for granted. This is the lesson we have learned.

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