Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Good Thing About the Socialist Protests on Wall Street

Remember three years ago? Remember how whenever anyone in the GOP even uttered the word "socialism" the left screamed "conspiracy theory". We were "extremists" for saying such a thing. They scoffed at us. "Ridiculous" they'd say. The liberal media would even joke about it...

They don't joke about it any more. They've been too busy trying to convince lazy people who don't want to work how "great" socialism is. The left is too busy trying to tell people "You'll never have the American dream because capitalism is GREEDY and EVIL and the only people who get the American dream are rich and evil and don't want to share their money with you."

So we've gone from "Well, that's just RIDICULOUS...The conservatives are hysterical. They are EXTREMISTS. There's no socialism threat here. They're saying that because they are RACIST." to...."Socialism isn't bad. It's not "really"'s just FAIR. Rich people shouldn't have so much money."

Make no mistake about it. Obama and his socialist buddies have played their hand at Poker. There's no more question about it. They can't squawk about "extremists" or "conspiracies" or anything else they want to label it. This is a bonafide socialist NUDGE and the left is not even attempting to disguise it.

Everything they are doing now is designed to nudge the country toward socialism. They know their time is up. They know the country is against them. They know their chances of winning a second term i.e. changing the country are over. Now it's all out class warfare. Their only hope is to trick us.

I believe the Wall Street protests are a calculation. The left never does anything unless it is a calculated move. They're like chess players. As stupid as these protests look to most Americans to the left it's just a warm up to the big events they have planned. They still can't get the protests they want because too many people are happy. The economy, as bad as it is, is not bad enough yet. But trust me, Boy King is working on it. You can be rest assured he is hard at work regulating away trying to dismantle the stable country that we love.

Time will tell how horrible it will really get. But I do know one thing. Americans are not European. Americans are smarter than the left thinks we are. If the left thinks that an entire generation of Baby Boomers who spent their entire lives educated about the evils of communism is going to let this country hand over its freedom they've miscalculated in a major way.

Never in my life time did I imagine that we'd be at this point in history. It has been a wake up call to say the least. But the good thing about all of this...The left is so desperate it had to show its hand in this Poker game. We all know now what they stand for. We know now that our leader is not leading us to a prosperous America. He is leading us toward socialism. He has scores to settle and he's using our country to settle it. He is not honest nor truthful. He is a snake oil salesman. And he can't have our country.

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