Saturday, October 15, 2011

Herman Cain...Poetic Justice

When you hear the phrase "global movement" you know for sure this is a socialist push.

So what would it look like if it becomes inevitable that Obama will be a one-term president? You're seeing it folks. Socialism in all its glory.

The Soros/Van Jones communist push that wants to make this a "global movement" is really just a giant push for communism. They have been planning this for months. The Arab Spring was their warm up. If you think all these weird things going on the past few years were just coincidence think again. This is an old fashioned socialist push. I do not for one minute believe this was just all by chance. This has been the plan all along. Boy King has been weakening our country and the socialists behind him are doing the dirty work.

Glenn Beck has all kinds of information to back up these claims. Every single thing he has reported has happened. Name one thing he has predicted that has not can't. Because what he says is true.

Will it be successful? I don't think so. Americans are not European. We're a lot more educated and a lot more spoiled. We're not about to hand our country over to a bunch of communist goons who want to destroy our country. But of course, there will be hell to pay for how much we've allowed them to pilfer the country. It's going to take extremely good leadership on the conservative side to shed ourselves from these fleas but we can do it. We have the smarts to fix will just take determination and effort to keep the politicians on task.

The limp, soggy, compromise crowd of John McCain have GOT to go. If there is anybody I blame most for all this nonsense it's the John McCain Compromise crowd. They just rolled over and played dead the past ten years and allowed socialists to seize control of way too many things and to this day they have no freaking clue what happened.

Words of wisdom to Romney. Either you get it or you don't. If you fail to recognize the threat of the socialist push you will find yourself NOT electable. Americans want to see authority and they want a candidate that is strong enough to clean house.

But we have to be careful not to buy into the propaganda that the left wing media is trying to undercut Romney with. The left knows EXACTLY what to say to the public to turn people against Romney. They know his weaknesses. Don't fall for their crap. For this reason it gets tricky.

Right now Herman Cain is the wild card. The left doesn't know what to do with him. He was not in their equation of calculation. They can't attack him too much because they have built their entire strategy around "The GOP is RACIST" meme. Herman Cain completely destroys that strategy. I see great things for Herman Cain....and I see black conservatives playing a MAJOR role in the GOP regaining power.

It's kind of like poetic justice, isn't it?

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