Monday, October 31, 2011

Cain...The far-left's worst nightmare.

So as we gaze upon the media-slander fest going on right now against Cain....We are not the least bit shocked or surprised.

I'm actually surprised it took them this long. What a threat Cain is to the Democratic party. He is a strong, black conservative. Their eyeballs are rolling around the back of their heads they are so perplexed. Their entire race-baiting strategy is destroyed when the black conservatives knock them flat on their backs. I mean...They've been buying the black vote for DECADES. They've spent enormous time and money rewriting history. They DESERVE the black vote, right?


Of course, there's always a reason this happens. I'm sure if you dig deep today you'll find a small headline somewhere the WH does not want the media to focus on. Something is being hidden. That's the way this mafia WH works. Perhaps it's the lame remark Obama made about Pelosi becoming speaker again in 2013. I don't know about you but I had to hold back the waves of nausea when I heard THAT one.

I hope some brilliant and creative conservative can go back in time and collect a "best of" collection of "horrifying moments of Nancy Pelosi's time as speaker". There were so many...but well worth the trip down memory lane.

We will NOT forget how helpless and frustrated we felt when the Dems had total control. It was like watching your loved ones being tortured and you were powerless to stop it. They were rude...mean spirited....and ugly. U-G-L-Y. Reid and Pelosi said things and did things that true leaders don't do. They did what dictators do. They completely ignored the people. No matter how unpopular something was if it forwarded their cause of socialism they shoved it down our throats and then laughed in our faces that we could not stop it. They lied through their teeth over and over. They were insulting. Nancy Pelosi saying "You don't need to know how the fridge light open the door and it just does" makes my skin crawl even now.

And how could we forget the gavel? The deliberate race-baiting and race card accusations. Getting members of the black caucus to LIE and try to provoke an act of racism (that NEVER HAPPENED) by walking thru the Tea Party crowd who had every right to be there to state their displeasure at Obamacare.

She called Tea Party grandmothers "racist mobs". When people began protesting loudly at town hall meetings...which they had never in their lives done but felt SOO FRUSTRATED by the Dems who WOULD NOT LISTEN they felt compelled to. According to Nancy we're supposed to sit quietly like good like peasants and let them destroy our country. When the Dems want to protest something it's patriotic. When the GOP protests they are suddenly "racist mobs".

No, Barry, we're not forgetting the nightmare that was Nancy Pelosi. And we haven't forgotten Reid either. Fortunately, for our country, these two old geezers will not be around much longer so our future is safe. But I can guarantee you this...She won't be speaker again....EVER.

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