Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hollyweird Needs to Get a Life

First, let me say that my viewing habits on TV are limited. Although I have a TV no less than 3 feet from my desk and it's on pretty much the entire day, I am very picky about what I watch.

I do not watch ANY show on the alphabet channels. Period. The only exception to that would be NFL football games and that's only because I HAVE to. If it's not a particularly interesting game I won't watch it. I have completely stopped watching ESPN and will not watch ESPN even if it were the only channel that played football games.

There is no reason whatsoever for politics and sports to be interconnected yet the liberal bias of sportscasters has gotten unacceptable. So if you're a sportscaster and you make known that you're liberal....I will NOT watch you, your show, or any game you announce. Period.

Tragically, the NFL has allowed itself to be pistol whipped by liberals and has gotten dragged into the whiny, political, ugly world of politics and I find this disgusting. I love watching football, so hopefully it will not get so bad I stop watching. But if they DO decide to continue their liberal leanings my football fan days will come to an end. Football has always been fun. We're all Americans and we all love football. There are no colors or race in football. Some of my favorite heroes are football players. These are mentors to our young people. They do good things for people...and when they are jerks or do something bad the NFL punishes them and holds them responsible for their actions. Unless of course you're Michael Vick and Obama endorses your behavior which is what I mean....I'm DONE with the liberal leanings of football.

The NFL would stand to lose a MAJORITY of their money if they jump in the pool with liberals. Just saying.

The same goes with Hollywood. I don't know about you but I'm noticing lately the absolute GARBAGE that TV is cranking out lately. Let's see....It started with the Discovery/TLC world. First they tried to brainwash us with their global warming LIES. Show after show of completely biased, fabricated NONSENSE 95% of which can be disputed in the science world.

I do not want some stupid person in Hollywood with a liberal sick mind deciding what I want to watch on TV. I do not need to watch cartoons or fake graphics of dinosaurs eating each other in some "pretend" show. How weird is that? How can these people think they know absolutely, positively, what dinosaurs did 100 million years ago? They don't. They are guessing. But they keep doing these shows claiming absolute science when in reality there is no such thing.

I do not want to watch red neck women acting like total idiots getting married. It demeans marriage. Anybody with brains know these people are acting this way on purpose to get paid. It makes fun of marriage. Yet, we have all these shows mocking marriage on TV. They are disgusting. Thank GOD for David Tuttera.

I do not want to watch any reality show. PERIOD. I do not care how rich celebrities live. The only "reality" show I watch is Gene Simmons and that's because I like Gene Simmons and he's not a liberal zombie. I'm actually surprised they let him do this show because he's very outspoken recently.....

One show that particularly irks me is this "Downsized" show. First of all, this is a family in California. It's a big family and it show cases how "tough" life is for these people...who live in huge houses...with new cars....and drink Starbucks coffee and have expensive Iphones....and designer clothes....and computers...and shall I go on? Don't whine to me about how tough life is because you can't buy your Starbucks coffee three times a day. You live in California. You voted for the bozos in your state who have ruined it. YOU voted for the people who let illegals take over and drive the state into bankruptcy. YOU don't stand up and confront the racist larazza people who are the most racist people since the Black Panthers. Don't whine to me on TV about rough your life is when YOU are the ones who would rather save a minnow than employ 60,000 farmers.I have no sympathy for ANYBODY in California. Period.

So right now my viewing pleasure is basically cooking shows on the Food channel and House Hunters. I particularly like House Hunters International because it shows how you can go to Sweden and buy a house that has 300 square feet for $800,000. That's pretty much the story in Europe. If you want to see what standard of living we have in the US watch that show. You can go to France and live in a closet for $750,000 or come here and buy an entire house with a YARD with 1300 square feet for less than $100,000. It's right there on the show.

I enjoy the cooking shows but they're beginning to get a little ridiculous. "Extreme Chef" is stupid. I guess they are getting bored with themselves because they keep trying to come up with wild ways to cook.

I do NOT like the rich, snobby chef shows, though. Bravo has gotten bad about this. Who are these rich, snobby chefs? Why do they have to come off so jerkish? Of course, Anthony Bourdain is amongst the worst of them. He actually thinks he's all that. Again, we get in with the rich, snob, liberal GARBAGE that infests Hollywood. These people actually took government subsidies to fund a train ride in wine country in California and I can bet you some snobby, California chefs had a hand in it. So the California snobs can keep it. I'm not watching your shows. They made the mistake of having Nancy Pelosi on one of their shows...that was the end of my watching that show.

Hollywood has an agenda. They're trying to dumb down the public. They want to change our culture. They have taxed themselves out of business in California...nobody wants to do a movie there because of it. So they put these idiotic shows on TV A) to showcase what hicks Americans are B) to showcase their liberal agenda. It's all over the place. From Bob Barker whale boats to shows that promote polygamy to their deliberate "robe malfunctions" to Hollywood's cursing and profane behavior.

Americans aren't buying into it, though. I have an entire library of DVDs folks. I don't have to watch their garbage and won't. Pay attention....Know what you're watching...and use the power of the finger. Don't give these people their ratings. Don't buy their products. Don't get sucked into watching their fake reality shows. Know who they are and what they stand for. It is OUR choice what to watch. Not theirs.

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