Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Anti-American Socialists---Shameful and Disgusting

So the socialists are getting their protests. Thanks to the uneducated voter and the money of the labor unions, our "green jobs czar" Van Jones, and other assorted communist groups who have worked painstakingly for the past year to organize them.

Naturally, the liberal news media is helping to cheer them along. Diane Sawyer even claiming that "over 1000 countries are participating". Never mind that there are ONLY 195 COUNTRIES worldwide. Facts don't get in the way of Liberal propaganda it seems. Or perhaps she took the same history class Obama did when he learned about "our 58 states".

It's sad and disappointing. I remember how shameful the 1970s protests were. They were anti-American then and are the same now. Look on Yahoo and other liberal social sites and you see the same hippy-loving themes. These are not spontaneous nor are they new. It's the same exact socialist groups that hate our country who are USING and EXPLOITING our children and minority groups. They were shameful then and are shameful now. We swore it would NEVER happen again...yet here they are.

If they hate our country so much why don't they just leave? It would sure make us all a lot happier wouldn't it?

Now we see Holder distracting the news media with his "sudden announcement" of catching some Iranian terrorist plot. Coincidentally, on the same day that he is being served a subpoena for his involvement in Fast and Furious. What a COINCIDENCE! Amazing isn't it? He gets busted selling thousands of weapons to drug cartels when Americans and Mexicans get killed...but he comes up with some grand news conference to distract people from it.

I have never in my life seen a more dishonest time in government. We are truly at a point in history when we must cleanse the filth from Washington. It's not about left and right now. It's about criminal activity and anti-American sentiment. Our enemies have power and we have to take our country back. These are socialists dismantling our country. They are pounding private business into the ground. They are lying to people. They are intimidating the news media. They are spreading propaganda and evoking class warfare to turn us against each other. And it's only the beginning. We have 13 long months to go, folks.

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