Friday, October 7, 2011

The Delusional World of Socialists in The DNC

Awwwww. Poor communists.

They just can't get a rowdy communist protest going to save their lives, can they? While CNN and the liberal news media drools over their communist protest Americans look on in disgust.

Most people interviewed have no idea what they are protesting about. This has become more about stupid people who have a gripe and nothing better to do.

I find it amusing that these protesters are all wandering about wearing their designer clothes tweeting on their Iphones drinking Starbucks coffee complaining about banks.Most of them have jobs. The protesters in Washington, DC are actually complaining about Obama! But of course you won't see Brian Williams saying that.

See, Liberals who think like this stick to the same script. They don't want to see the reality of the situation. They only see and hear what is good for the liberals. They don't look at facts. Facts to liberals are pesky, annoying things.

But MOST people do. Most people will go to Drudge. They will go to Hotair. They will go to both liberal and conservative websites and see what the truth is. The MAJORITY of Americans see it for what it is. Not for what the liberal news media has packaged it as.

No longer do we depend on the liberal news media to package our news for us. We've learned that they don't tell us the truth. We've learned that we can find out all sorts of things if we look around. This is the reality of today. The socialists don't get that. Socialists depend on stupid people.

The sheeple. The unhappy, aggravated, entitled annoying person who wants to blame somebody. You know...the people JUST LIKE OBAMA. You know how he whines and complains and boo-hoos because he can't get away with anything? They're just like that.

Did you see the photos on Drudge that showed Obama showing a book about himself to a class of kids? Doesn't that look sad? Can he be more in love with himself?? I think he really believes that the DNC chose him to be "the one" because they thought he was great or something. They didn't choose him because he was great. They chose him because they wanted to EXPLOIT him to win. They had an agenda. They thought they could win the majority and that the American people were so scared of a racial backlash they could use it as a tool to stay in the majority. They've been using the race card ever since he was elected.

But see, socialists aren't very bright. For socialist movements to work you need a population of totally stupid people. Americans aren't totally stupid. We might have our quirks but we're not total idiots. And we like our toys.

Hollywood is working on it, though, aren't they?? Have you noticed the GARBAGE they are trying to shove down our throats on TV lately?? Are you as sick as I am of the BULLS*** shows that they are putting on TV? I'm finding my DVR is working over time lately. The only thing I watch on TV are cooking shows and House Hunters. And Charmed re-runs. That's it. The rest is CRAP. A bunch of redneck, idiotic, garbage. This is what Hollywood wants us to watch. Liberal Hollywood. Lucky for us we can TIVO, DVR, and DVD what we want to watch and tell Hollywood where to stick it.

Remember, folks. The dumber we are the better chance the socialists have. We have a long road to climb to get to November 2012. Obama is in a sticky position now. In order to get the American people to the deprived dumb level he needs to sweep a socialist movement through the country successfully the worse he has to destroy our economy. But the more he destroys the economy the less likely it is he can win an election.

Seriously, does he honestly believe he can win?

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