Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Says It All

Last week Rachel Maddow did the same thing. They took the headlines of a fake news site where Sarah Palin said something "outrageous" and printed it as news.

Seems innocent enough....but it is not.

How many people believe that Sarah Palin actually said the words "I can see Russia from my house" ? She never did. Tina Fey said those words. But people believe she said them because the news media has repeated it out of context so much. They do this with Sarah Palin all the time.

Every time they slander Sarah Palin they just repeat over and over the nonsense they've made up and after a while people only know "she sucks" and nothing else. The liberals are very efficient at labeling and slandering people. The Entertainment industry backs them...the comedians....all the liberals cashing in and trying to make money along the way.

Case in point Joan Rivers. She's like Kathy Griffin. She would slander her own mother at this point. get publicity and make money. It's all about money.

Sarah Palin IS money because she is so popular with the conservatives for saying it like it is and for not being a Washington pocket scum. The left loves to cash in on that popularity as well to make slandering her. They are TERRIFIED of Sarah Palin. Sarah is not afraid to stand up and confront them and she is not afraid to stand up and defend her country. The left hates that.

The progressives and the liberal media (same thing) are already on shaky ground with a majority of people in this country...they are digging their own hole. If they want their newspapers to sell less, want their ratings to go further down....keep telling lies. It makes people angry and it upsets the conservatives, and guess what? Conservatives have the majority. The liberals continue to deny that fact and it is to our advantage.

But this new practice of spreading MADE UP stories and then backtracking needs to be called out. It is a deliberate attempt by the liberals to spread untruth and it is deceitful.

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