Sunday, February 6, 2011

Smart Move On The GOP's Part

A lot of my conservative friends (including me) are howling about Obama and Carter being alike. We're listing the comparisons and pointing our fingers. That's fair, first because it's true and second, because that is what we do. The liberal media certainly is not going to do it. Most Americans old enough to remember how terrible Jimmy Carter's presidency was don't have to be told how terrible it was. They remember it.

But it would be foolhardy for the GOP to do this. The GOP is smart by sticking with the narrative they are on and letting the blogosphere do the smack talk. Even smarter, they have McCain out there talking about how centrist Obama is which I find hilarious, actually. Some people are reacting with shock and horror but I tell them this: Imagine McCain sitting with his classic sarcasm and grin saying this because that is exactly what he is doing.

The GOP should not come off as hostile toward Obama during this crisis just as the Democrats could not come off as hostile toward George Bush during 9/11. There will be plenty of time for that later. The Democrats would love nothing more than to scream and point at the GOP for being unsupportive or disrespectful. They'd love to hang the "Republicans are violent" sign around their necks.

Remember, it is the socialist and communist groups in the Middle East (that Obama supports by the way) that are stirring up trouble. In my view this is a hail Mary pass by the left because they know their reign of domination is quickly coming to a close. And much to their distress, the GOP is holding it together. The GOP is focused and closing in. DeMint and Issa are sniffing out and closing in...and the far left is panicking.

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