Friday, February 4, 2011

SNOW, COLD WEATHER IN THE WINTER??? has a list of things today concerning power outages, natural gas shortages, and even one claiming Obama is to blame and it's part of his "going green" initiative. That wouldn't surprise me. Rather than post each item separately just go take a look.

Honestly, I do not recall a time when we had this problem "suddenly" during the winter. I remember in the summer California had issues when it was hot but frankly, when does California NOT have issues? But TEXAS?? Somebody needs to answer questions about this.

The Dems have a habit of playing "PILE ON". They want one thing to pile on top of another and another and another which takes the attention off each separate "crisis" distracts people, and thus they never have to answer for anything. They do it all the time. We are all focused on Egypt of course and the liberal media is doing a beautiful job of convincing everyone how EVIL Mubarak, our ALLY, is so they aren't going to take the time to dig into the reason why there is an emergency in NM, AZ, CA, and TX and why people are suffering through power outages.

The other day when there was EMERGENCY ALERT about the weather concerning snow and ice I thought to myself...Wait...Isn't it JANUARY??? Don't we have cold weather, snow and ice EVERY SINGLE JANUARY? Why is this an "emergency"? Why suddenly are we having power outages? This is not normal and snow, ice and cold air in the winter is NOT NEW. There is something very fishy going on here.

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