Friday, February 4, 2011


Let's say it all together: "Whatever the Democrats are accusing the right of doing...they are doing it themselves".

So in the spirit of this golden rule I give you the following headlines I am seeing:

Actually...what is even more amazing to me is the smokescreen the Dems are creating with this "Americans are obese" campaign. While there are food shortages and hungry people all across the world the White House is telling everyone they're too fat. Isn't that just a BIT weird to you?

If you haven't figured out that George Soros and his socialist cronies have systematically bought off the liberal news media, then we need to talk. There is only ONE network on TV that is NOT in the liberal pocket and they get threatened and pressured every single day. The left CONSTANTLY intimidates and slanders Fox news. Most people realize this. It is why their ratings are so high.

There is a lot of regulation going on with the White House right now and that is probably why we're seeing the interference with the utilities and unfortunately, we will probably see interference with the internet as well. When the liberals expressed "SHOCK" about Egypt cutting off the radar immediately went up. Of course that would never happen here. But will happen is outages. If your internet services get slow and wonky and your power goes out a lot more than normal....cast a suspicious eye towards Washington, DC.

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