Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Weather Channel is Now a Propaganda Machine...How Predictable.


I saw this yesterday and it ties in nicely with what I've been blogging about for the past couple of weeks. How the left continues to spread propaganda and brainwash people. How they seep into seemingly benign areas of our lives to "nudge" us toward their socialist ideology. Something as "innocent" as the weather channel.

When my ex-husband worked on the LANDSAT project in the early 90s and then VP Al Gore TOOK OVER the project for his pets in NOAA I knew right then and there that there was a reason that would make sense one day...We just didn't know why. Global warming was born. Our defense satellites were now being used by these freakazoids cooking up a scheme. And cook they did.

Socialists will exploit any chaos or any tragedy. This is what socialists do. Or rather, we should correctly label them Marxist communists but the socialist/marxist/communist will do.

How easy would it be for the socialists to create some "swine flu crisis" now that they've bought off the health care industry and Pharma?? Oh, my bad...They did that already.

So now the Democrats are staging protests in Israel and reporting it on the Weather Channel? WTH?

I'm not going to sit here and say the GOP is innocent. They have their greedy bastards, too. But at least they don't go to bed with Chairman Mao pictures under their pillows. These people are freaking nuts.

With a bad economy...and people in a state of frustration crazy things happen. The socialists have had their hands tied behind their back the past 30 years or so because when people are happy they don't riot. They don't start fires. They don't flash mob tourists. They basically ignore the politicians and go about with their lives.

But when they have no job, no money, and sick kids or are bored and unhappy they do bad things. So which party exactly is making the conditions ripe to create this air of frustration and unhappiness?? Why, that would be the socialist left!

Actions Speak Louder Than Words. This needs to be our mantra this election. The socialists are trying to create the perfect atmosphere of chaos and ugliness on purpose. They think they can cheat, lie and steal their way to a win in 2012...and we've been saying this for three years. Two years ago people would have scoffed at the idea, called it "crazy". And here we are....seeing EXACTLY what we said would happen.

Things will get worse between now and the election in 2012 but we have to keep it together. We need to pull together and hold the fort and force these people out no matter how ugly things get.

No swine flu. No riots. No chaos. The Marxists can go create their own little Utopian socialist world somewhere else. They can't have the US.

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