Friday, September 2, 2011

Anything But The Economy--The Left and Its Distractions

So now everyone is sniping about the Boy King's speech. Bottom line? It is a distraction from what is IN the speech which is NOTHING. For some bizarre reason the president's political strategists think that causing distractions is a better strategy than focusing on what is IN the speech. Let's take a wild guess what will be in the speech:
1. Republican bashing. He will blame congress for everything. Yes, he will pander to the low information voter who knows absolutely nothing. Logical people who actually pay attention even a little will rationally conclude that the GOP was elected in 2010 to take back congress in a HISTORIC landslide victory because people were sick and tired of the Pelosi, ram-down-our-throats spend-every-penny-we-can-get-our-grubby-hands-on era. People were so ticked off with the slimy deals and arm breaking to get Obamacare passed, not to mention the false accusations of racism towards the Tea Party that they vowed not to forget...and they haven't. Apparently, Obama has. So much so he is banking on the folks that don't pay attention to actually BELIEVE HIM when he says that it's not HIS policies that suck...but the GOP that has been in congress for eight months.
2. He will spend the rest of the time talking about how we need to accelerate spending to "fix" things. He will outline more Utopia butterflies, rainbows, and GARBAGE that he will claim will fix our economy. More spending in other words. He wants MORE of our money. He wants MORE taxes. He wants MORE regulation. He wants the EPA to bash Gibson Guitars. He wants Amish people to stop selling milk. He wants more foreigners to get paid to become doctors here in the US (look up the faculty staff at your local hospital and look at the ratio of foreign doctors to American. You will be SHOCKED).

This is getting ugly fast, folks. The Dems know the cliff their headed for is getting closer. They are going to use every dirty trick in the book. They are bashing religion. They are calling people racist. They are not only encouraging mobs to riot and cause chaos they are BANKING on it.

The weird part is...They actually think this is going to work. I got news for them.....Americans are better than this. We are smarter and more wise than they are.

The scary part is...How close the left actually got to "fundamentally changing" our country. If they had been more patient and had held their rage in check they might actually have gotten their Utopian world. And their Utopian world would have included a few elitists at the top enjoying a life of luxury while the rest of us wallow in the ghettos.

They can forget it. They've stirred up trouble for sure but we have plenty of momentum to fix things. The left has yet again...destroyed itself. Too bad.

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