Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CBC and Its Violent Racist Rhetoric

It is an insult to the black community. These racists who cling to their violent rhetoric expect the black community to rise up like some mob and attack the Tea Party. These racists think that they can give some speeches bashing the Tea Party that the black middle class is going to rally to their socialist movement and cause chaos.

The black middle class has no desire to turn back time and be dragged into class warfare. These racists have forgotten a very important thing. We have grown as a nation since the 1960s. We are not a segregated country. We all live together intermixed. My kids grew up in very diverse schools. They didn't separate into different races. They all played Nintendo the same. Thanks to Welfare reform in the 90s most of the Democrat-built ghettos are gone. Before the 2008 election the Liberals wouldn't dare even utter the word race. They had the likes of Jessee Jackson and Al Sharpton hidden away, afraid that if their socialist rhetoric grew too loud it would discourage people from voting for the Boy King. We saw all these warm and fuzzy commercials with racial harmony....Boy King gave warm and fuzzy speeches.

How times have changed. In an act of desperation the Boy King knows he can't run on his record. The economy gets worse by the day so of course he can't campaign on the success of his policies. His attacks on capitalism are effecting too many people. You can't hide a skunk. It don't work.

So what does the socialist left do to distract people from the socialist onslaught? They decide class warfare is the answer. They think if they can rally some mobs of racists to scare and intimidate people it will help them win in 2012. If will, most certainly, have the opposite effect. Americans want no part to this rhetoric or this class warfare business. The Democrats have basically come up with some racist rhetoric to hook people who don't look at the facts. "Tax the rich" is a popular lie.

The Democrats are really banking on the low information voter this election. The less informed the better chance they have. This is why you see the liberal media censoring the news and going after conservative sites. This is why they hate Fox news. This is why they hate the Tea Party. The dumber people are the better chance they have to maintain power.

It is insulting to the black community. It is insulting to ALL OF US. People are more intelligent than the liberals think they are. If the Democrats want to build a socialist ghetto then they can go live in it themselves.

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