Sunday, August 7, 2011

Obama is the Downgrade President

Obama will now be known for one thing and one thing only: The Downgrade President.

Instead of embracing his "message" that he erroneously used to get elected, he has dragged our country kicking and screaming toward socialist policies that we cannot afford with an agenda that he lied about having in the first place. Instead of addressing problems he goes on vacation. Instead of taking seriously the problems we face he acts indifferent.

There is no compromise, bipartisanship, or good for the country going on here. He has instead embraced class warfare, racism, and violent rhetoric to slander those who are calling him out for the socialist that he is.

Obama wants to downgrade our country and Americans want no part of it.

He will be beaten in historic numbers in 2012....IF he lasts that long. Do not be surprised as more and more people expose his mafia like plans (Project gun runner now becoming a cocaine runner ring a bell?) and a challenge to impeach this president starts to get louder and louder.

He is spiteful and arrogant. He will lie through his teeth and with a straight face directly to us and the news media does his bidding through intimidation and threat. We need the news media to wake up and do their job. No more covering up for this administration. They are either devoted Americans or socialist toe lickers. If they would sell out our country and our freedoms just to get access to this administration they should not be in the business.

This is OUR country we're talking about. We can either settle to live in a downgraded country or we can kick this agenda to the curb and replace our leaders with people who believe in and love this country. Obama does NOT love this country. If you do not get that ....You need to.

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