Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Our founding fathers were pretty smart. In fact, they were a lot smarter than we surely give credit for.

Some people might think they lived in a different time and therefore the constitution is outdated and needs to be "revised" or "modernized". That is a huge mistake and I'll tell you why.

Mankind has had the same problems since the beginning of...well, mankind. We may have different problems and situations but it all comes from the same weaknesses and evil. People think politics has gotten worse over the years. I challenge you to look up what politics was like back in the day of Abraham Lincoln and tell me it was better and less hateful. It was cut throat and dog-eat-dog and in most cases WORSE. We didn't have TV, cable, cell phones. Heck, we didn't even have regular telephones. We didn't even have ELECTRICITY for heaven's sake. A newspaper was usually local. News from afar was months and months old. People would hear events literally by word of mouth. Imagine an event that happened in DC and then was relayed over a period of months down South or West (and remember we did not have 50 states back then).Rumors were rampant. We burned "witches" for heaven sakes.

So if you're naive enough to think that politics has gotten WORSE I challenge you to look up the facts. Our founding fathers were intelligent and wise. They sat down and explored intellectually what our weaknesses were as men and drew up a document to protect us all from them. They knew what the future could bring. Those who oppose our constitution are failing to realize this. They arrogantly believe that we are smarter and wiser and we're not. If they fail to realize this then they are NOT our friend but our enemy. They KNOW how well this document protects us.

Boy King actually studied the constitution and became a constitutional lawyer. The scary thing is he became a constitutional lawyer not because he wanted to preserve our constitution. He wanted to learn how to CHANGE it. Boy King was raised in a Marxist family who hated the constitution and they hated the constitution because they KNEW how much it did protect us. What better way to destroy it than to learn everything about it? His history is out there for the world to see. His family, his mother, his grandparents, his upbringing, his college associations...It's all out there. Look it up yourself. But the liberal media CENSORED that information during the last election.

We cannot rely on the news media to decide who our leaders are. We should not trust any of them. Actions speak louder than words. This should be the mantra of the American people. The actions of the news media explain a lot of things. The actions of George Soros explain a lot of things. The actions of this president and his administration explain a lot of things. His entire staff of Czars and cabinet members...their actions say it all.

Our founding fathers sacrificed their lives every single day to create a document that has gone unchallenged for over 200 years. It is our responsibility to preserve it and protect it from those who want to destroy it. It is a sad day in our country when we have to actually protect it from the very person we elected as our leader. Luckily, the very constitution he is trying to destroy is giving us the right to protect us from HIM.

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