Thursday, August 4, 2011

Obama And His Class Warfare Strategy

So our Campaigner-in-Chief has now come up with the brilliant strategy of blaming the Republican Congress that has been in Washington for six months on the failed economic policies of his own. This is what you call...Targeting the low-information voter.

Low information voters don't really keep up with what's going on in Washington. They rely on David Letterman or Conan or they read headlines and otherwise have no clue what is really going on. When the President blames "rich people" they think that there are all these snobs sitting at a cocktail party sipping on wine. They fail to realize that it is Obama sipping the wine and throwing the cocktail party. In reality, Obama and the Democrats want to heavily tax COMPANIES that provide jobs in this country. Which is one of the contributing factors of our economic problems right now. Any company with a gross worth of $250,000 is paying 50% or more of their income in taxes.

Obama loves the sound bite "Everybody should pay their fair share". That's just what it is...a sound bite. It sounds good to the low information voter. It actually is an insult when you think about it. Obama is pretty much revealing what he thinks of people. He thinks we're all too stupid to realize what he is doing. But if you have a small business and are barely scraping by it's not a welcome statement. In REALITY more people don't pay any taxes at ALL. Half the country gets a refund check from the IRS every year instead of paying any taxes. So if Obama really MEANT what he said then EVERYBODY would pay taxes, right? Well, he is hoping you don't realize that fact. He wants you to support his "tax the rich" rhetoric but if he gets the tax hikes he's gunning for the middle class will be paying an arm and leg in taxes to fund his socialist pet projects.

Which pet projects do you ask? How about in the state of Pennsylvania all welfare recipients now receive FREE CELL PHONES in addition to their welfare benefits. In PA they believe cell phones are a CIVIL RIGHT. Everybody in PA who uses a cell phone is now paying a fee every month to the state to help give welfare recipients free cell phones. I don't know about you but I find that outrageous.How is that fair to everyone who works and pays for their own phone? It is not fair. They can take that welfare check and go by a flat screen TV and now they can chat away on a free cell phone.

In the 90s we were fortunate enough to get rid a bunch of the welfare BURDEN and it forced people to go to work. Obama is bringing the welfare culture back. When he wages his class warfare he is telling every lazy person who has a chip on his/her shoulder to leech off the government (because they deserve it) and hate the people who do have money (even though they worked hard for it). His message also tells people who ARE working hard and scraping by to give up. Why should they work so hard if they can stay home and get money and free entitlements from the government??

Obama and the Democrats are trying to create a DEPENDENT CLASS of low information voters who will be a burden on society and contribute NOTHING but the Dems hope these people will keep voting them back into power.

This is not what our country is about and this strategy will backfire. Americans want it all and they want it all on their own terms. They don't like the government telling them what to do. The lazy class who wants to lay around and do nothing who have a huge chip on their shoulder are going to have to find a new sugar daddy. People who struggled to get ahead are not going to give it all away so the progressive left can create a socialist base.

This is not what we're about in this country. The Democrats will fail. Obama will fail. He can try to blame the newly elected GOP all day long but the truth is Americans elected them last November SPECIFICALLY to stop Obama from this strategy. Obama fails to realize this and it is to our advantage. He refuses to acknowledge that Americans, more than ever before, were drawn to the debt-ceiling debate because they are SICK AND TIRED of the government ruining our country. No matter how much Obama ignores it or the news media tries to spin it....We're watching and paying attention to the FACTS.

The Republican revolution has begun.

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