Thursday, August 11, 2011

The WH Exploits Our Military

I grew up around the military. My ex-husband was in the military. My best friend is in the military. In fact most of the people I know are in the military. I have a lot of ties with the military. I can tell you all the people I know in the military are infuriated at this moment over the SEAL helicopter being shot down.

Not one person believes it was an "accident". All believe it was an intelligence leak by some liberal stooge from the WH administration. There have actually been several incidents involving the SEALs that have been suspicious in their eyes. The SEAL I know and his buddies point all the way back to when the SEALs were court marshaled back in the beginning of the Boy King's reign. Remember that? The terrorist claimed the SEAL "gave him a bloody lip" and our SEALs were threatened with not only prison...but an end to their career.

You don't have to go far back in time to remember all the incidents that involve Boy King and manipulation of the military. All this "War President" smoke screen going on is just that. A smoke screen. He is no friend to our military and our military people will be more than happy to list all the things that have taken a turn for the worse because liberals have infested our military with their cockroach tentacles.

But we have some of the smartest people in our country protecting our military. The liberals never last long at the top. They self implode and collapse eventually every time. Our military is deep, deep in tradition. That will never change. The majority will always be faithful.

The Boy King may have the keys to the car but I can assure you the SEALs are on top of the situation. They are well informed, well trained, and well equipped. They know who did this. They know how to handle this...and they will. And you will never hear about it.

All the exploitation that is going on by this White House using the SEALs as some kind of campaign prop has got to end. Obama releasing a WH photo of his appearance at Dover was disgusting. The families requested NO PHOTOS but Boy King is DETERMINED to exploit whoever and whatever is necessary to stay in power. It is shameful and disrespectful. It really shows how disgusting this WH is and the people around him.

Sony recently funded a huge fundraiser for Obama and guess what? They've announced they are doing a movie about the SEAL raid and it will be released right before the election. HOW CONVENIENT. As good as Hurt Locker was the military had lots of issues with the movie producer/director during the making of that film. They clashed with the liberals on several fronts. If they think they can waltz into the world of SEALs with their same liberal arrogance and sabotage their elite group I have news for them...It ain't gonna happen. Does Hollywood and the liberal elite SERIOUSLY think our elite military is going to swing open the door and let them in?

Trust in our military. They are way above, way more powerful, and way more important that Boy King and his stooges. Presidents come and go...Our military stays forever faithful.

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