Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rick Perry? Thank God He's Not Mitt Romney.

A lot of buzz about Rick Perry.

I can't say I'm jumping up and down with joy about Rick Perry but I will say this: "Thank God it's not Mitt Romney". I have no ill will toward Romney but he is just not going to cut the bread for me this go around. I've got Romney and McCain wrapped around together in my head and there's no separating the two. And McCain and his daughter make my stomach turn. So he is NOT my idea of the "new Reagan".

Rick Perry will have to prove his toughness to me. Republicans can't blink. They can't back down. They can't compromise. They've got to be Bruce Lee and win this fight. No soggy mayonnaise sandwiches. The left is going to play dirty this election.

We've got black gangs roaming around beating up white people and I'd be interested to know who is coordinating this. There is "somebody" who is instigating these events. Is it a black leader with a huge chip on his shoulder? Or is it even more sinister? I don't think it's a huge plot or anything...and I don't think it's coordinated. But then again, there are people like Van Jones who don't look innocent do they?

Honestly, this is stuff I used to have to deal with in Maryland back in the 80s and early 90s. This was par for the course living up there. It was not the least bit unusual. So this just might be the news media juicing up stories for the benefit of ....well I have no idea who benefits that. The liberals are gunning to paint conservatives as "RACISTS" but I think that strategy will backfire in a MAJOR way so if they truly want to go down that road then it just makes them look bad.

There is a culture of old black leaders who make a living running around stoking racial division but we've moved beyond that as a country. We have a very vibrant black middle class in this country who has no desire whatsoever to be dragged back into that game. If the far-left has plans to destroy the black middle class backwards they've got a huge fight on their hands. Young people today don't play that game. We will always have gangs. We will always have race problems. But the majority want no part of it.

Our challenge will be calling the news media out on it. The liberal media will try to create an illusion of racial strife. I am a lot more worried about the news media sensationalizing these events than I worry about getting attacked by some "mob" somewhere. If you don't want to get mugged then don't put yourself in that situation.

And another thought...If the liberal media tries to paint fear across the country with these gang attacks they will have an even harder battle trying to take our guns away. Again, they always shoot themselves in the foot with these issues.

This election is going to get dirty and ugly. There is no doubt about it. The worse Obama gets in the polls the uglier it will get. Liberals don't lose gracefully. Republicans have to grow a spine and get tough.

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