Monday, August 22, 2011

Low Information Voters, Too Bad, You're Out Numbered.

So apparently, the twelve people that watch MSNBC told Obama that the reason his approval ratings are so low is because of the GOP Congress.

Never mind that the GOP was elected to control congress in November 2010 in HISTORIC NUMBERS because people were so disgusted and fed up with Nancy Pelosi and friends ramming radical liberal agenda down our throats (HELLO Obamacare).

Never mind that the GOP has only been there for 6 months versus the SIX YEARS that Nancy Pelosi and her radical far-left LOONY bats.

Never mind that the DEMOCRATS who had control of congress for the past six years FAILED to pass a budget at all but instead ran up our country's debt to historic levels that will take GENERATIONS to pay down. In fact...expect your grandchildren to still be cursing under their breath at the irresponsibility of the Pelosi era. It will take that long to pay it off. Pelosi will be GONE by then. She will be a distant nightmare that we will cringe about.

No...Obama is counting on the low information voter. You know who that is. The people who don't use facts as a guide. They just believe everything NBC and MSNBC says. They look to Andrea Mitchell for wisdom. Isn't that scary? They really have no clue what's going on. They just know that their favorite liberal celebrity makes fun of the GOP so they do too. They just laugh at the jokes on SNL and believe they're true. They hear what Obama says on a news clip as their walking past the living room on their way to the bar to have a drink with their friends and then repeat what he says without finding out about it. They're the same people who give money to the ASPCA VEGAN PEOPLE who do the commercials about cute little kittens and puppies all beaten up but in reality they use the money the numb suckers donate to SUE DAIRY farms and meat processing plants to disrupt our food supply and make things more expensive. Yep...the same people. Oh, and don't forget the same people who actually think that the icebergs are still melting and we're all going to drown and the polar bears are all gone. Yep...They believe all that stuff AND they believe Obama.

Or even worse...They don't care if he's a liar. They just want money. Or they just like that he's black. Or they think they will get something out of it if they support him. Or they don't care...period.

Luckily, for the majority we DO care. And we will find out the facts...and we will tell others the truth...and we will be informed and we don't rely on just the news media for our information...and we WILL vote in 2012.

And it won't be for Obama.

Remember kids...ACTIONS speak louder than words. Don't pay attention to what he SAYS... Pay attention to what he DOES. It's that simple.

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