Friday, August 5, 2011

Obama is the Food Stamp President

A record 45 million people are on food stamps in this country. This is Obama's vision for our country?

Every economic policy and regulation he has passed has exacerbated joblessness in this country. He is stifling the energy programs. He is stifling small business. He passed 609 regulations LAST MONTH ALONE that strangle small business. He still advocates raising taxes.

He is a socialist and people need to wake up and smell the socialist coffee.

He has backed, supported, and directed the THUGS at SEIU and other unions to go out and commit violence and intimidate and brow-beat Tea Party supporters. We told the Hispanic community to "be prepared to fight your enemies". He and his race-baiting black caucus SOCIALISTS are constantly stoking racism in the black community. Which minority group has been hurt the most by his policies? Go ask the black community in Chicago that STILL LIVE IN THE SLUMS that he and Valerie Jarrett were in charge of.

He is stoking class warfare. He is stoking racial violence. And he turns and points his fingers and lies through his teeth about the GOP and the Tea Party.

This is the most dishonest president of our time and the most dangerous. Socialists in charge of OUR country. 2012 cannot get here fast enough.

Be prepared for an ugly fight. Stay vigilant and spread the truth. We will get there.

With world markets in turmoil and people hurting in this country he has the NERVE to through a huge birthday bash at the White House with his buddies and celebrity friends...rubbing it in our face.

Pathetic and disgusting. We will remember in November.

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