Friday, August 26, 2011

Keep Your Eyes Open

With the approaching hurricane keep your eyes open. The Boy King and his Chicago Mafia always sneak things through whenever the country is distracted by something. Like...Gibson Guitars in Tennessee was raided by the feds because of apparently "imported wood from endangered forests".

Give me a Freaking break! So now if you're a musician you have to prove your guitar isn't from some exotic endangered forest? The government has completely lost control of itself. Keep in mind that Gibson is in Tennessee. Tennessee is fiercely RED. Just as Texas and Arizona have found out, Boy King does not like the red states. Remember the floods in Nashville? They didn't even ACKNOWLEDGE them.

This only underscores the Republican philosophy that I hold dearest to my heart. WE CANNOT FIX THE GOVERNMENT. Our only hope is to REDUCE the size of government. Less government means less corruption. We will NEVER eliminate the corruption but we CAN reduce the size.

These people, right and left, are not going to do what is right. If we want to preserve our country we have to do it one county, one town at a time.

Keep your eyes open and see what happens as the country follows the hurricane. I guarantee you the Boy King and his mafia are sneaking things through as fast as they can think of them.

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