Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Swine Flu

I saw about 30 seconds of CNN last night. They were basically sucking the Boy King's toes talking about how GREAT his response was to the non-Hurricane disaster. As if he himself had parted the waters and made the hurricane go away. It was predictably nauseating.

Watching the Weather Channel over the weekend I was struck by the anchors' facial expressions when they showed live shots of their "reporters" standing on the beach while behind them people surfed, walked the beaches, and kids played in the sand building sand castles. It was hilarious actually. You could see the storm weakening but for some reason the very scientific people who are supposedly experts at this didn't. I really was put off by the over-hype of this storm.

What it amounted to was a distraction from all the negative Obama press. Of course, we already know that the weather channel is in cahoots with the Al Gore crowd. He funneled money to NOAA as far back as the 90s and I know that for a FACT to hype his "global warming" garbage.

It's quite scary to think how close these far-left socialists got to scamming the world with this nonsense. If they had had their way we'd all be living in wood shacks without electricity. But don't forget that the EPA marches on. Environmentalists have infected our society through the courts and through regulation and it will take a strong antiseptic to clean this infection out. It is unfortunately what happens when you don't keep your eye on the ball and allow the progressives free reign. Ignoring the extremist left does not get rid of the extremist left. It just gives them cover to commit their crimes. As hard as it is to fight these freaks we have to do it. Conservatives don't like confrontation. This is what got us in the mess we're in now.

They are like school yard bullies. Al Gore and his ilk are out there claiming that global warming opponents are racists...which is absolutely ridiculous. What the hell does the weather have to do with racism? Are Republicans making it rain and storm in the black community on purpose? ManPig has lost his mind again. Someone needs to throw that guy some senile dementia medicine.

But the saddest part of all is that it proves that liberals will exploit any and ALL situations to get our money. They will over-hype a storm to spend more money. They will disrupt our lives to score political points. They will use whoever and whatever situation they can to stay in power. They will cheat, lie and steal. They will intimidate the news media and spread propaganda with no moral line they won't cross.

When we do have an emergency in the future people will not take it seriously and lives will be lost because of it. These are the consequences we will suffer because one political party believes it is superior and has the right to do evil things to stay in power for the so called "greater good". In other words, all the warnings that our founding fathers told us about....are coming to light now. The socialist left must be put in check.

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