Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chaos Means Communism

The headlines these days aren't looking very cheerful are they?

The Boy King is out partying with the Muslims celebrating Ramadan while the markets collapse, the economy collapses, Britain erupts in race riots, our Navy SEALs get blown out of the sky (and if you think it was just a coincidence that THE helicopter carrying THE very same SEALs who got Bin Ladin was shot down then I have an ocean front property in Arizona to sell you), not to mention all the other crazy things that are happening that are too numerous to list. It's a Communist Wonderland. Even down to the "sun flare scare" that NASA is throwing into the soup mix.

Nothing thrills communists more than chaos. The more the merrier. A scared public looks to government for protection. At least this is what they are hoping.

If you have any doubt in your mind the reaction that the communist left will have to Republicans gaining back control then here's your answer. If you think once Americans kick the thugs to the curb they will all go back to smoking joints in San Francisco I have news for you. They won't.

They will hack every computer. They will stoke every riot. They will start any and all trouble they can muster. They will conjure up any crisis they can exploit. They will stomp their feet. They will organize every union thug they can pay off. They will dig deep into the pockets of the slush money they've been stashing with all the Boy King money they've been given to make life miserable for each and every one of us to make us cry UNCLE and seek peace.

Peace you say? Well, of course the communist left will promise peace to us just like Boy King did in 2008. Remember those days? Remember when Newsweek likened him to GOD? They promised us all that the unicorns and butterflies and rainbows will be so overwhelmingly heavenly. This is their hook.

But we see their version of heaven and trust me...there are NO RAINBOWS in it.

Americans are not stupid. They are waking up and seeing the truth. Wisconsin spoke loud and clear just like the elections last year. They see what the communist left is doing to our country and they do not like it.

As you read the headlines in the weeks and months ahead remember the golden rule: Chaos means communism. They are going to make our lives as difficult as possible the more obvious it becomes that they are losing power and influence. They will not give up without an ugly fight. We have not even begun to see the ugliness that is coming our way. They have no intention of walking off into the sunset. Be wary of any and ALL headlines you read...the manipulation and disinformation will be great.

Communists justify their mayhem in their heads and they rationalize their rage. But we will win this battle.

Good always conquers evil. We just have to stay calm and read between the lines and stay true to our morals and values. Stay strong my friends.

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