Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The American Dream is Going to Survive

So here is the Boy King's strategy now: Blame everything on the Republicans.

Is this surprising, really? Nope. What else can he do? He certainly can't use any of his policies as an example of success can he? Nothing he does improves our economy. It does the exact opposite. This is not because he's an idiot and doesn't know how to fix things. It's because he has put into place all across government far-left progressive socialists who are systematically and methodically destroying capitalism.

He is all about division. He exploits race to divide us. He treats the black community like their stupid. They are a pawn he can manipulate at will. The Democrats bark their racist rhetoric at minority groups hoping to work them up and use them to do their dirty work. They really think that if they dangle government money in front of their noses that all these groups will rise up and fight their fight for them.

Some will. But the majority WILL NOT.

People do not live in third world countries and dream about coming to the United States so they can live under another socialist hell hole. They don't dream about coming here so they can get taken care of by the government. People dream of coming to the U.S. for FREEDOM. They dream of coming here so they can do whatever they want to do. The sky is the limit. They can dream big and work hard and get it. We all live by the same rules. Laws are there to protect us, not control us. And we are all taking care of each other.

The Democrats have no concept of this. They just want power. There is a circle of billionares (George Soros any one?) and powerful politicians who want to take the power and wealth for themselves and make the rest of us third class citizens. It is sick and disgusting. And it is not going to work.

We did not come over here on the Mayflower because somebody promised us social security and government housing. We came over here to escape intrusive and overpowering government. We came here to build a country from the ground up that could not control our lives. We have done a really good job of doing that. We've always had enemies to fight but 95% of the time we have learned from our mistakes and have built a standard of living unmatched in the world. Unfortunately, the same freedoms and liberty we enjoy so do our enemies. People of the far left have the freedom to try to manipulate, conquer, destroy, lie, steal, cheat, and do all the UGLY things these people live to do.

It is up to us to be smart enough to recognize and counter their attempts at taking our freedoms away. And we will. Sometimes Americans get lazy and forget...but we always wake up and smell the socialist coffee eventually. There will always be groups who get out of hand...but the majority reject them. We learn to better ourselves and we always correct our paths when we wander too far off course. The news media and Hollywood may try to manipulate and brainwash us...but in the end we turn off the TV and go to work.

This is OUR country, not THEIRS. If there is one thing Americans are good at...it's at rejecting those who mean us harm and throwing it back in their faces.

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