Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fake Scare Tactics By Socialists to Destroy Capitalism and The Way We Live

I'm really getting tired of the constant onslaught of attacks on capitalism by the progressives.

A friend posted a scare warning about a baby food. It was a scam of course. But the point of the scare was to terrify young mothers not to buy a certain product for fear of poisoning their baby. There is nothing more alarming to a new mother than to think that the food they are giving their baby is poisoned. So the scam is effective whether it is true or not. People will play it safe.

The progressives are getting very good at this scam. It's really a sad realization that there are people and groups who would use this type of tactic to destroy companies but it's actually quite common. The progressives are probably the most devious bunch I've seen. I used to think the communists in the old Soviet Union were the most immoral people on earth. Turns out progressive socialists have learned and schooled from them and have modernized their strategies.

And by the way the Democratic party no longer exists. The progressive socialists hijacked them a long time ago.

The progressives attack all forms of capitalism. Remember the fake runaway car scam? Right when O-Bummer took over GM suddenly Japanese cars were hazardous to our health for some reason.

How many times did you see some fake poison scare about products imported from China?? It sure is a coincidence that was about the same time we were bickering with China over trade imbalances.

Pharma is not immune. Remember the fake flu scare? Payback for their support of Obamacare. Look where it got them. They were hoping to buy some immunity but the socialists had other ideas. Have you noticed the endless commercials of lawyer groups suing medical device companies and drug companies? That bankrupts these companies and increases health care costs.

Notice how mosquitoes and mosquito-borne illness is on the rise? Progressives have been passing legislation to ban pesticides that kill mosquitoes. Google online "mosquito spraying" and you will find ENDLESS posts by socialist progressive groups talking about the "evils" of chemicals. I don't know about you but I'd much rather wear DEET than suffer through MALARIA. Mosquito infestation is on the rise and their diseases as well.

We can add to that the bed bug infestations as well. Head lice?? Google either of those and again the same thing. All these very controllable problems have been getting WORSE because progressives have been suing and banning all the cures. They have bombarded the internet with "anti-chemical" articles that are all CRAP.

Those cute puppies and kittens that are starving and abused? Those ASPCA commercials are a SCAM. They are VEGAN GROUPS that use that money to go after and sue dairy farms, chicken farms, beef farms, fishing industry....It is ALL an attack on capitalism.

So why would progressives want to create such chaos? Why would they want to scare people or create viruses or allow mosquitoes to make people sick? Why would they hurt our food supply?

Because it creates chaos. Chaos breeds socialism. A free society cannot function when the government controls everything. People who are afraid for their health and safety look to the government for solutions and help. A dependence on government gives politicians POWER. If they can create total chaos they can clamp down on us and control us.

It's that simple.

Open your eyes and watch what they are doing. I read a very telling article this morning concerning the debt crisis. Apparently, the WH is upset that Wall Street has not panicked and crashed this week. They were hoping that their scare tactics would have worked to cause a sell off so that it would force people to become scared and angry at the GOP. It has backfired. The progressives have become so transparent in their scare tactics that people are onto them.

Think about it. Socialists are willing to sacrifice YOUR HEALTH, your food, your way of stay in power.

That is a lot more scary that any pesticide I know of.


  1. you may be on to something this is the first year they didn't spary in july or august for mosquitos and they were bad! my brother in law they think has encephalitis from mosquitos and is in a drug induced coma.

    frankly I get tired of these liars. I know they are lying on the tv all the time, and I want to slap them. too bad you can't slap them over the


  2. Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. Unfortunately, it's becoming a lot more common than you'd know because the news media does not report it. They are testing routinly for Malaria in hospitals now...something that DID NOT happen ten years ago. The trick is...once we've kicked these people out of the white house we have to keep the GOP's feet to the fire to dismantle all the damage. They may not be as corrupt but they are just as greedy and complacent.