Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Distractions and Desperation

So Obama's "spring action media team" decided that having the American people infuriated over the 9.2% unemployment numbers was not good. So they drank coffee and came up with this idea..."Hey, let's threaten to cut off seniors and disabled people and wounded veterans from Social Security and then blame it on the Republicans.  YEAH! That would distract everybody".

So there you have it. This is all this nonsense is about. Obama has the authority AND the money to continue paying social security and veterans and seniors and all the main essentials of the country even if there is no debt ceiling deal reached. BUT...Wonder geek Geithner and Obama want to frighten people and take their attention away from the fact that their economic policies BLOW so they came up with this scare tactic.

This is called BRIBERY. This is what the Chicago Mafia does. They walk around with bats and threaten people. It's no different than the SEIU thugs who beat people up at whatever stupid protest the progressives have going on any given day of the week. It's no different than the thousands of pathetic slugs George Soros flew into Wisconsin during the teacher union cuts. You remember that? Before Scott Walker was able to balance the Wisconsin budget AND give teachers a raise??? Just like the THUGS in New Jersey that threatened Chris Christie before he balanced their budget.

And it's a lot like Ben Nelson and Harry Reid and their ugly, slimy bribes to get Obamacare through congress. It's ugly and it's slimy. It oozes Democrat. These people are so desperate to spend our money and destroy our economy that they would throw us all under the bus just to get their way.

Do you really want thugs like this running our country? Are you like me and hate seeing the direction this country is going? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Keep your eyes open and watch the left. They are desperate and willing to throw us ALL off the cliff if they don't have their way. Just like 2-year-olds. The Al Gore whiny crybaby crowd.

In the words of Debbie Downer Wasserman-Shultz....."Democrats Own The Economy". and it is ALL THEIRS.

UPDATE: Bernake just announced another round of printing money. Every time they print money it devalues the US dollar. Two years ago Bernake AND Tim Geithner both said without a doubt how STUPID it would be for us to print money and how we would NEVER do such a thing.

They have been printing money for over a year now. It is devastating our economy yet they continue to do it to prop up the economy for POLITICAL purposes. Americans need to get ANGRY at this. They need to start calling their representatives and start telling them what idiots they are...and they need to realize how incredibly BAD this is for our country.

As I said earlier....The Democrats are so desperate at this point they would throw this country off the cliff rather than lose the next election. The writing is on the wall. If they know it's hopeless they WILL throw us off a cliff. So stay strong and determined.

We will scrape this scum off our shoes and be rid of it.

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