Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Obama's Ronald Reagan Moment Will Not Be What He Thinks


This is a great article. I read this and it reminded me of Ronald Reagan. When Ronald Reagan won in 1980 the Iran Hostage crises immediately came to a close. Our Jimmy Carter nightmare was over. We had a huge mess to clean up but we came together as a country, rolled up our sleeves, and felt confident that with Ronald Reagan and the conservatives in control we were FINALLY going in the right direction.

The feeling of driving off a cliff was finally over. Jimmy Carter and his progressive nightmare government were gone. There was relief and elation. FINALLY...We would start rebuilding our country. FINALLY we could be proud of our military and know that they were going to be taken care of and respected the way they should be. We would be safe. The we wouldn't be so vulnerable to our enemies now.

This is how we will feel once the progressive left and the era of Obama is defeated in 2012. The business community will not feel threatened by this socialist onslaught. They will not have taxes and regulations strangling them and will know they have the support of their government. We will have a lot to clean up but we will be relieved that the socialists are not in charge. The news media will try to do their best to power over the American people and the conservatives in charge but will find themselves bankrupt if they do. The government will no longer fill their bank accounts and pay them to spread propaganda.

Hollywood better take notice as well. Americans are sick of having progressive propaganda rammed down their throats. We've grown up as a country. We're much more informed than we were six years ago. We see your agenda and we don't like it. That's YOU Glenn Close. That's YOU Ron Howard. We're done with your socialist agenda. Don't sit in some sprawling mansion with servants all about telling US how to live. If you want to adopt some socialist cause take it to Europe and brainwash them. WE ARE NOT EUROPE. We are not going to take this socialist crap any more. We're sick of you elitist hippies telling us how to live and manipulating the public.

They tell us we're fat, obese and unhealthy and try to drive McDonald's out of business and then do public service announcements talking about all the starving children in the inner cities. Here's a good question...WHY are there starving children in the inner cities? Who put them there to live in those conditions? Would it be SOCIALIST PROGRAMS? How insulting is that? Don't go on television calling us racist when YOUR PARTY is the one dividing people into groups and paying them off to live in slums so they some kind of power voting block to keep them in power. That is SICK and PATHETIC.

Change is coming to his country. Socialism will never take over this country we love because it is not how we were built and it is not in our soul. Every person around the world who has come here has come here for that reason. They didn't dream about coming here so they could live in the same pathetic socialist condition they escaped. And they didn't dream about coming here to be manipulated by some pathetic celebrity who wouldn't know what work was to save their life. We're Americans and we're free.

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