Thursday, July 14, 2011

BooHoo Let's go to Camp David and Eat Lobster

In all seriousness, Obama can't be this dense, right? If he keeps insulting, bribing, and threatening the American people he not only will lose the election next year he might find his bags packed at the curb even before then.

He has a tendency to throw temper tantrums. When he does not get his way he pouts and whines. Just like when somebody on the news says something he does not like he has his "people" call and harass the news people to make them stop. Carney threatened to cut off the WH press pool yesterday because they had the NERVE to shout questions. My goodness.

All this "Obama walked out" nonsense is to pander to his base. The left is childish and they love childish behavior. If NBC came out and said Obama punched Cantor in the mouth they would be cheering on the morning show this morning. Thugs R Us. This is the Democratic party.

Obama OWNS this economy. If he chooses to withhold social security checks it's on him. It's not on the GOP. Democrats had two years to pass a budget and failed to do so. Obama said NOTHING. They were too busy ramming Obamacare down our throats and spending TRILLIONS of dollars on unions and other pet projects for every socialist program they could think of. Now Obama has to pay the price for it. Trying to blame the GOP for something the Democrats failed to do is typical liberal behavior.

The American people ARE paying attention and they DO see what is going on here. Obama can't charm his way out of this.

But I do have to admit, it seems quite amazing he is really this dense. It makes me suspicious that he is purposely doing this. If he turned around and did a 180 and caved it wouldn't shock me. The left would hail him as a "hero" like they did with the Bush tax cuts and his poll numbers jumped for three months.

Perhaps he might do this closer to the election.  I don't know.  But whatever he does...I don't trust him.

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