Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kitchen Table Conversations

Looks like Boy King is having some unemployment issues....poor thing.

I am not a Romney fan but I have to say he was quick to the punch yesterday and right on target when he said Pfluffe should be fired. But then again...what do I care? If Boy King wants to go play golf and laugh off the unemployment numbers then hey, be my guest. And of course they never admit anything they say is wrong so he sends media boy Carney out to repeat that "No..Americans don't sit around the kitchen table and talk about unemployment".

Nope. We sit around the kitchen table and wonder which flavor of RAMEN NOODLES to eat for dinner. We sit around and wonder how we're going to afford a $300 gas bill that week. We sit around and hope we don't get terribly sick because our insurance rates are too high (if we are lucky enough to have insurance).

There's a lot of stuff we sit around our kitchen tables talking about and I guarantee you we're not admiring how well Boy King plays golf.

I say a story today that said "Dallas" is coming back on TV. I used to love that show. In fact, I was a young teen back in its hey day and was spending the summer in Dallas the season when JR got shot, remember that? It was huge news. They actually had news flashes during the day of the show arresting different members of the cast to throw people off. There was a heatwave that summer and I still have a t-shirt that says "I survived the Texas heatwave". Anyway, I was trying to come up with a theme for this new version of Dallas...."The Ewing family goes broke because Obama cuts off oil drilling in the entire state. They have to help save Texans from certain disaster because the WH is trying to destroy their state with taxes and federal regulations because the state votes Republican so they hook up with the Bush family and kick Obama's anti-American butt out of the country".

Seriously, do they even have oil drilling in Texas now? Back when Dallas first came out oil drilling was in its prime in Texas. Now look at it. JR is a lonely guy.

So if Obama and Friends want to sit around denying that Americans are worried about working two jobs just to pay the bills then they can go ahead and do that. Because we're working those jobs and every morning we get up and count the days until November, 2012, when we can vote this idiot out of office.

THAT is what we're sitting at the kitchen table talking about my friend.

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