Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday USA!

Happy Birthday USA =)

Everybody enjoy this day the way Americans know how.  Barbecue some burgers, hot dogs and Brats and enjoy the freedoms we enjoy. Enjoy the progress we have made as a country. Enjoy the fact that it was all made possible because a few brave people in Britain got an American attitude and said "SCREW THIS" and took off in some boats across the ocean (without the benefit of or the Weather Channel) and built a country.

Imagine for a moment the dangers our Founding Fathers faced when they stood up to Britain and her King and said "ENOUGH!" Imagine that wonderful American attitude in Boston in 1773 when our ancestors threw the tea into the harbor and said "SCREW YOU".

We've made mistakes (the American Indians and slavery) but we separated ourselves from the rest of the world and we made good on those mistakes and changed our attitudes. We, like no other country in the world, built a country that welcomes ALL PEOPLE with open arms who share our dreams of a free world that is safe and civilized. We reject the ideals that go against those beliefs and we pray each night for guidance and strength to continue that fight.

We're American and we have every right to be proud of our country and to celebrate its greatness.

Happy barbecue to you all!

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