Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boehner is Doing a Good Job

John Boehner has done a good job since he has become Speaker of the House. In fact, he's done a great job over the past few years. He has held the ship together even through the worst of hurricanes. Two years ago the Dems were tap dancing on the Republican grave declaring the party was dead. Boehner held it all together.

He has an impossible job. He is the only Republican in Washington with any leadership role. The President and the Senate will not agree with him or work with him on ANYTHING because they are too partisan. They aren't leaders. They're just political hacks. Neither gives a crap about what is good for the country. They only care what is good for THEIR OWN POWER.

But I think its healthy that we're debating this new debt ceiling debate. The Tea Party rightly so should challenge the GOP to stand firm and be tough and not cave to the Democrats. But not to a point of adamant belligerent nonsense. The FIRE BOEHNER headlines are a bit much. It's immature and stupid. You can pressure Boehner to stay tough without threatening to fire him. I understand this is par for the course in Washington but we have to understand that this election thing coming up requires us to STICK TOGETHER.

We're not going to get anything major accomplished only controlling Congress. So blaming Boehner is not helpful. Republicans need to stick together and concentrate on exposing the LEFT. This entire debt ceiling debate would not even be a discussion without the Republicans in congress to begin with. The Democrats would still be running up the credit card with no limit whatsoever. God only knows what trouble we'd be in by now.

So be tough but don't be destructive. Demand more but don't be unreasonable. Concentrate on the BIG PICTURE. A fractured Republican party does not win elections.

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