Monday, July 11, 2011

Mr. Potter is Throwing a Temper Tantrum

Poor Obama. BooHoo.  His trick didn't work and the Republicans weren't as stupid as he thought they were. He really thought that they would come to his office and fold up like accordians in fear at the sight of the Boy King and his threats. He has this Chicago Mafia deal down you know. Bribe, threaten, club them over the head. But no, the Republican leaders stood firm. They got elected last November in a landslide victory to do EXACTLY what they are doing right now.

How novel an idea. People we elected are actually doing what we elected them to do! No wonder Obama is all confused. His brain cannot wrap around that concept I am sure. I mean, he is so much smarter than the rest of us, right? He knows what we should eat, what we should drive, what our thermostats should be set at. He even knows that we don't have enough air in our tires! I mean...that's why our gas prices went up, right?

He had hoped Boehner would cave on some of the taxes so he could immediately hold a press conference and talk smack about how stupid the GOP is. Oh...My bad...He is doing that anyway. Every day it seems he does a press conference out of pure frustration because the GOP won't fall over dead already. He keeps pounding them on top of their heads and they just won't fall down, dammit! Don't they realize he is the boy king? He is just like God according to Newsweek. The GOP is supposed to grovel at his feet and bow to his power and strength.  HAHAHAHA.

Yep, he's looking pretty stupid at the moment. And geek wonder kid Geithner is not looking too hot, either. He talks of gloom and doom and all that other nonsense when he knows that if they just cut off Michelle's shopping budget we could probably save Greece in a day.

Stay strong GOP. Stay strong and do what we asked you to do. Every press conference Obama looks more and more desperate. He looks more partisan. He looks cranky and ineffective. He refuses to do ONE THING to help those who need jobs, need security, need food on their table. To him it is all about his power and re-election. He is so full of hate for this country and its people he can't make one compromise to do what is right. And every press conference shows his true colors.

Boehner is doing the right thing.

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