Saturday, July 23, 2011

Obama's 2-year-old Temper Tantrums

Obama can't have his way and he is going to drag this country into a complete economic crisis for POLITICAL reasons.

Let's be real. Obama does not give donkey S*** about our country in the first place. All his socialist policies and agenda have been designed specifically to drag us down a socialist road to ruin. The proof is in the pudding, folks. It does not take a rocket science to figure that out.

He is trying his best to play a game of Poker with the GOP and the GOP is sticking to its guns. Obama can't deal with that. His Chicago mafia tactics aren't working. So what does the leader of this country do? He goes on national television and throws a temper tantrum over and over.

The GOP has clearly and consistently stated raising taxes are NOT on the table, yet Obama seems to think we should cave on this just because he wants them to. He does not feel it is necessary for HIM to compromise. He wants the GOP to cave so he can pound them next year and have a political advantage.

This is all politics to the Democrats. They had two years under Pelosi to pass a budget. Remember, we would not be having this conversation AT ALL if the Democrats had done a budget in the first place. But they were too busy spending $5 trillion in DEBT with all their socialist pet projects to bother with a budget. So here we are.

Republicans swept the 2010 elections in historic numbers precisely because Americans aren't stupid. Americans KNOW what a budget is. They KNOW that you can't put everything on a credit card and pay interest on bad debt and expect to survive. They KNOW that irresponsible spending eventually catches up with you.

Democrats have been putting our children and grandchildren in the poor house and the GOP is finally taking away the credit card from Sugar Daddy socialist. Obama can't have his way this time.

He is threatening to raise the debt ceiling and defy our constitution and Congress. If Obama does this it's over. He can kiss his chances (as if he had any in the first place) goodbye. The American people are tired of the bullies. The Democrats have been stomping around now for a good 4 to 6 years intimidating, bullying, and beating up the American people and telling them they are stupid and toothless long enough. We've had it.

We're done. You can't destroy our country. It's time for your socialist agenda to hit the highway. If you want some kind of pet project to rule the world you will have to leave and go somewhere else. This is OUR country and you can't ruin it.

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