Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Americans Aren't As Stupid As The Left Likes To Think

So the Republicans failed to fold after intimidation by the White House. They are in fact smarter than most people believed. At this point you have to realize that anything, and I mean, ANYTHING, Obama does is based on political consideration. He does not give a crap about the economy. He is doing everything in his power to destroy free enterprise and pass every regulation, every law, every piece of "social justice" communist legislation he can get away with. He cannot get anything through congress now so he is resorting to executive orders. He is getting his departments like the EPA to pass regulations bypassing congress.

But of course he has not successfully dismantled our constitution or our laws to the point where he has complete power. Congress CAN fight back and they are.

Most of us Conservatives predicted this moment. We have said all along that Obama's policies would tank the economy. We figured he banked away most of the stimulus billions in order to prop up the economy enough to get re-elected. Turns out they were too greedy and slurped up all the stimulus. They were too greedy and Americans weren't quite as stupid as they expected them to be.

Did Democrats really think that a center-right country would just roll over and become robots? Did they seriously think that Americans would stand still for the news media to manipulate and lie their way through a prolonged recession? Democrats can pretty much get away with anything when the economy is in good shape. Bill Clinton benefited from a Republican congress. He was intelligent enough to know that if he gave concessions to the Republicans and let their fiscal policies work HE would benefit from the economic boom and he did. Obama is not that smart. Obama thought he could power his way through and destroy the economy by enacting socialist policies against the will of the people. He actually thought he was so "loved" that he would get away with it. His people either convinced him he was invincible or he really is full of himself. Probably both. But with the economy going into another recession (did we actually recover?) he is really fooling himself if he thinks Americans are going to work two jobs and let the Democratic party destroy everything great about this country.

For the better part of the past year the Federal Reserve has printed money by the trillions to devalue the dollar. This was after Geithner and Bernake BOTH assured the American public they would NEVER, EVER do such a thing. The writing is on the wall. Americans ARE paying attention and they see what this president is all about.

Things are getting ugly. Conservatives are going to find themselves more and more under attack and we need to be prepared to fight back. Democrats aren't good sports when they lose. They just get meaner and uglier. They scream racism, lie, steal, and do whatever a 2-year-old would do when you take their ice cream cone away. It's time for conservatives to get ugly right back. It's time to grow a spine and shirk off the conservative reaction and fight back. It's hard for us to do but it must be done. We're not just fighting the Democratic party. We're fighting the progressive communists. We're fighting Hollywood. We're fighting the news media. We're fighting George Soros. We're fighting our enemies abroad who will support our political foes here in this country.

It's a big fight but we will win. There is a right and a wrong...and the side of good always wins.

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