Friday, July 15, 2011

Republicans Doing What We Put Them There To Do

So after Obama throws a temper tantrum and stomps out of the debt meeting we are reminded who didn't eat his peas. No more adult. He can't lie his way out or con anybody and it gets to him. He's got a huge chip on his shoulder for sure. He keeps referring to himself as like Ronald Reagan (gag). Why does he keep doing that? Why would he even say "You wouldn't treat Ronald Reagan like this". Is he serious? Kennedy treated every Republican with disdain....openly. I guess he doesn't like the new and improved Republican party that grew a spine but guess what? The American people do.

We happen to like them this way. In fact....We voted for them. We even voted for the ones who specifically said they would do exactly what they are doing. Obama totally doesn't get that. He either totally doesn't get that or he is just too self absorbed and ignorant to notice. He wants to go play golf. He wants his little circle of pets to stroke his hair and kiss his toes and tell him how great and wonderful he is.

Can't you just wait until this family is out of the White House and the service people can open up???? I'm telling you, the stories will be EPIC. I guarantee you that some service staff are going to write a book about how horribly they were treated by the Obamas. Just watch. I'd bet my life on it.

Chuck Schumer. I have despised this guy since he became a slug chasing after Bob Dole back in the day. In fact, Bob Dole had the best line ever to sum up who Chuck Schumer is, "The most dangerous place in Washington DC is standing between Chuck Schumer and a news camera". Remember Anthony Weiner? He was raised and trained by Chuck Schumer. You get the picture. Camera whore, arrogant, obnoxious, and for some reason those are qualities that people in New York love. He goes on TV and lies through his teeth and does it in a way that makes you want to throw your goldfish out the window. He makes me cringe he's so annoying. Anyway, he was on TV yesterday with all these charts and graphs and nonsense saying that if Republicans don't give Obama the credit card with no limit back that "people with cancer will die".

I'm not exaggerating. He actually said those words...."people with cancer will die".

They are doing everything in their power to turn the public on the GOP but so far it is not working. In fact, a generic Republican beats Obama in a poll 47% to 39%. I find that hilarious. Also, 69% of the American public do NOT want the debt ceiling raised. See, people actually DO pay attention. Obama and his scare tactics are not going to fool the American public. When people are miserable they take it out on who is sitting at the White House. They don't blame George Bush. Okay...8% of them do but who gives a crap about the Chris Matthew fans anyway?

This is ALL OBAMA. If the economy tanks it's all on him no matter how many temper tantrums he throws. The more he talks the more annoying he gets. My daughter sees him on TV and she immediately yells "TURN THE TV". Nobody likes a whiner.

Hang tough Republicans. You are doing a fine job.

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