Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We Saved McDonald's

I've been surfing around this morning looking for stuff on Obama's speech last night. I'm not seeing a lot of coverage on it, actually. Did anyone even watch it? I see a lot of praise for Boehner. I agree with that praise. He has done a fine job keeping things together. Remember he held the ship on course even after the 2008 elections when the alphabet news media declared the "Republican party was dead". He held it together through all the nightmare of Pelosi's reign. All the times she taunted the American people, telling us how stupid we were, how she knew what was best. All the times we were upset, angry, afraid she called us Nazi's and racist and told us we were "rabid mobs". Remember those lovely days?

Boehner held it together. He has stood up to the far-right and he has stood up to the Obama Socialists. He deserves kudos for that.

We have a president who is a weakling and a lame duck. Our enemies see that. This is a dangerous time for our country. We're not even sure Obama even gives a hoot we're not safe. His socialist dreams don't include making our country better and stronger. His socialist dreams involve a big chip on his shoulder with a warped view of our country. He is more concerned with feeding his own ego at this point. In fact, Speaker Boehner AND Senator Reid dumped Obama to get something done which prompted Obama to do the press conference last night so he wouldn't feel left out.

It's becoming obviously clear to all that the socialist ideology that has been forced on us the past decade is finally being rejected. The gig is up. The party is over. True liberals sold out their party and let these idiots ruin it. Now we are going to have to pay the price. The next eight years or so we will have to work hard to rebuild and get back into the groove of being American again...but first we have to sweep out the socialist bugs that have infested our house.

That means YOU liberal media....All the liberal pundits pretending to "inform the public" need a reality check. Nobody believes them anymore. Propaganda in the form a news network is NOT what we're about. You will NOT kill Fox news and you will NOT fool the American public. You've been exposed for the socialist loving hippies that you are. So, now that you sold your soul to the devil whatcha gonna do? Who is going to line your pockets when your Mao friends leave town??

But the greatest thing is that the American people are starting to see the light. They understand at last that Democrats really have no business being in complete control of the country. They can't be trusted. All the fighting and drama...every time they take over this happens. Conservatives just rolled over and played dead with the help of the progressive fake Republicans McCain and Lindsay...and dare I say...ROMNEY. Remember...If McCain had been elected there wouldn't have been much of a difference than Obama. But we've learned our lesson, no? The word "compromise" has been put to rest. There is no compromise with the Democrats. It's a trick...a sham...another ugly game with unethical rules that have ulterior motives. We have survived and we're on the mend. Obama is on his way out the door and GOOD RIDDANCE.

We saved McDonald's....That's really all that matters, right?

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