Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saving Our Republic--No Slums Allowed

A couple of topics I'd like to discuss today.

Time Magazine should just go ahead and rename itself "Communist Party Journalism 101". They have a story about some jerk who basically shreds our constitution to bits. I'm not giving you his name because I refuse to give the guy publicity. The cover story on Time is something along the basis of "Does it even matter?"

Yes, our constitution does matter. It's a two page document that has lasted over 200 years that our Founding Fathers wrote to protect us from jerks like the people who wrote that article. It also protects us from jerks like Obama who became constitutional lawyers SPECIFICALLY so he could dismantle our constitution and destroy our Republic. Unfortunately, it PROTECTED the rights of the jerks who run the news media who EXPLOIT it so they can convince the American public in coordination how stupid our constitution is.

Our Founding Fathers weren't stupid. They may have lived in a different time but they had the same problems. Humans will always be human whether their jealous of their neighbor's Ipod or roasting a pig in the front yard of their cave. Groups of people with power will always try to control the public. There will be good groups and there will be bad groups.

Now I'd be the first one to say that Republicans are not in the bad group but they are FAR from being good. They are just the lesser of two evils. Republicans want to preserve our Republic and they want to protect our constitution but they have a tendency to get manipulated by the left and go off course. I absolutely adored George Bush Jr. but he did do things that put us in jeopardy even though all his actions were done to protect us from Muslim extremists. Given the position he was in, and the danger that was evident to our country, I can look at this logically and be rational about it. I do not think his INTENT was to disrupt our freedoms.

The Democrats on the other hand are devious and plot and plan their actions from decades out. Al Gore was cooking up his global warming scam back in the early 90s. How do I know? Because my husband personally worked on the LANDSAT project at NASA in Greenbelt, Maryland when Al Gore STOLE THE SATELLITE. What was once a satellite program that was used by the defense department to spy on our enemies, ended up in the hands of a bunch of loopy scientists who joined with Al Gore to scam the American people in what is the biggest Ponzi scam ever created. I was there when it happened. The Clinton/Gore team laid off about 300,000 defense department workers and took the spoils for their own party. Al Gore cooked up this ponzi scam along with other global socialists to revise their "Save Earth" bull crap they pulled in the 70s.

If Americans had not been smart enough to NOT vote Al Gore in as president in 2000 God only knows what our country would be like now. I shudder to think.

But back to my original thoughts....The liberals are no longer liberals. Yes, there are "real" liberals in this country but they are either in denial about what has happened to their party or they just don't pay attention. Or they really are socialists.  There is a big difference. The Democratic party is a socialist organization.  There is no more vague question about it. Not only have they joined forces with the socialists globally they have decided to destroy our country as we know it.

No Republican, I do not care how stupid or greedy, would EVER want to purposely destroy our Republic. If they do...they are not really Republicans. Which is another trick that is happening now in politics. Liberals have planted fake Republicans (or Tea Party) candidates in a bid to takeover the party. I believe Huntsman is that person. Who the hell is this guy? He worked for Obama and wrote Obama love letters for heaven's sake. Suddenly, the news media loves him and he's running as a Republican for president? I guess the DNC really does think Americans are that stupid.

So spend this July 4th celebrating our country, our history, and our freedom and know that for now our constitution is safe. We have one year to convince the American people that if they elect Obama as president for a second term we can kiss it goodbye. Our country would not survive another term. He would without a single doubt dismantle everything we love about our country.

Okay, the second thing I wanted to mention that I noticed in the headlines is the race card. YES...I know how much you love when the Democrats exploit race. Isn't it fun?  Obama's old preacher is running around telling people that "Whites are liars". I know we've discussed this at length but in all seriousness, we have to keep our guard up and fight back against these racist statements. The left is stoking the black community to riot. You're seeing it all over the place lately. A friend tells me in Boston they did a story about how the newspaper wrote an article stating that the summer would be a "summer of violence" because the city can't raise taxes to create jobs for black youths so they would be out causing violence. The Democrats are stoking that racism card. But I think they are going to be sadly disappointed.

The left would love nothing more than to have the black community go up in flames to upset the American people. How could ANYBODY support a party that would advocate that? Think about that. They would DESTROY YOU to maintain power. You are disposable. They think you're stupid.

Sorry Democrats. This is not the same country as the 1960s. We have a very vibrant black middle class who looks at this and gets angry. They did not become successful to be dragged back into the ghetto you created to keep them in so you could exploit them for power. Our country did not work so hard to combat racism for the Democrats to divide everybody up into hate groups.

Young people today grew up among diverse populations, diverse neighborhoods, diverse schools with friends of all colors, races, religions, and disabilities and they got along just fine. They don't see color, race or religion. The crutches that the Democrats used to get government money don't exist anymore. But they are trying to bring them back. We have ONE YEAR to keep that from happening, folks. If Obama destroys the economy and is successful in putting us all in the ghetto again there is NO getting out.

Obama and Valerie Jarrett left their slums in Chicago and now they want to leave our country the same way. Together we can do it. We can educate people and knock their plans's going to be an ugly fight but we will get it done.

We're Americans damn it.

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