Thursday, July 28, 2011

John McCain: Embarrassing

John McCain. What a total loser. He makes an attention-getting speech on the floor of the senate trashing the Tea Party, basically accusing the Republicans of deliberately wanting to cause a default because they naively believe Obama will be blamed in the chaos.

I'm pretty hard core Republican and I've never once heard that theory be praised. Everything I've seen and heard points to that being false. The news media and the president hammer Republicans day in and day out. Americans despise "the congress" whichever party is in power. Heck, most folks don't even KNOW who the majority is most of the time because the liberal news media covers it up. Obama and his sheep take advantage of that.

In fact, Boy King hopes that Americans being stupid will help get him re-elected next year.

But back to what a dope McCain is....He trashed the Tea Party and then went on Hannity last night and denied that he trashed them. Obviously, he had heard from a few of them. I wonder if his daughter told him how great his speech was?

McCain should be an example to all of us. This is what happens when you get somebody like McCain as the top Republican candidate for president. You end up with Obama. WHAT were we thinking? This truly was a low in our times. This guy lies through his teeth just as much as Obama does. If he had won there really wouldn't be much of a difference between he and Obama. Could you imagine? It actually would be worse.

Maybe we should thank him. Thanks to McCain he was such a lousy candidate we ended up with Boy King Golf Lord who was so incredibly destructive to our country that it will take at least a decade before we forget how horrible it is when Democrats take total power. If McCain had won it would have just dragged it all out. Now we'll be able to wipe the slate clean so to speak.

Well, clean except McCain is still there. We have cobwebs to clear out but we're getting there.

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