Saturday, July 2, 2011

Obama Will Go on a Permanent Vacation Soon

So Obama goes off on another vacation...Can you even keep count anymore?...two days after he talks smack about Republicans in Congress taking time off for the holiday. Typical.

It really is not that surprising is it? This guy could not be more out of touch with Americans than he is. Perhaps its the fault of his multiple PR consultants and staff who are out of touch. If so, I would like to thank them for their outstanding work helping the GOP win in 2012.  Without them it would be impossible to win. They are doing such an outstanding job making the Boy King look like an arrogant jerk it would be almost impossible to lose.

But lets not put anything past the RINO Republican party.  Look at John McCain.  When exactly did we start looking to John McCain's wisdom for ANYTHING?  Seriously....Do we really have to deal with this guy for five more years? I think we would have done better with the Tea Party guy myself.

Fox has some great shows over the weekend about America.  John Stossel has a show called "What's great about America?" and I really enjoyed it.  John Stossel is a Libertarian. The great thing I like about Fox is that contrary to what the MSM bleating sheep say, it is full of people with all kinds of political views. Conservatives, right, left, and moderate, Libertarian, Liberal, ...and everything in between. Anyway, this is a very nice show about how great a country we live in.

It's nice to celebrate how great our country is. There is no other country like it. The progressives hate it but don't they pretty much hate everything? Who gives a crap what they think. If they hate it so much they can leave.

Celebrate and enjoy the freedoms we have. Celebrate even the annoying stuff. Remember those in need and celebrate your prayers each night. 2012 is coming and everything will be just fine. Obama will be going on a permanent vacation after next November and he can golf and fantasize about Mao all he wants...Good riddance.

Happy Independence Day Weekend!


  1. From your lips to God's ears.

  2. Thanks Bev.
    I loved reading Dinesh D'souza's book, "What's so great about America.",