Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lawlessness and Chaos From The HATE GROUPS

The Democrats are setting up some nastiness and we conservatives need to be prepared for it.  Can we prevent it?  No.  But we can expect it and know it is coming and inform people we know.

Obama has been very busy dividing the country into hate groups.  The socialists have been rallying their people for two years.  They are begging people to riot and demonstrate and cause chaos.  Every single day you hear about "roving mobs" of teenagers attacking people in public places.  Why is this happening?  Obviously, they are learning about it, planning it, and discussing it.  These aren't spontaneous.  These punks are coming together on Facebook and then meeting up.

The left will try to blame unemployment and poverty and all that other boo-hoo nonsense on it.  Racism of course.  Excuse me, but if you have an internet hooked cell phone and a computer with Facebook...You're doing pretty good in today's society.

Now they have illegal immigrants rioting at conservative offices demanding amnesty.

It's obvious that the Democrats KNOW their gig is up.  The American people are not going to put up with this nonsense.  But even when we kick Obama and his Mafia to the curb you can bet your bottom dollar (and trust me if Obama has his way your dollar will be WAY at the bottom) that these HATE GROUPS will spring into action.

You know all that community organizing Obama is so good at?  That's code for SOCIALIST groups.  These groups are being funded and organized as we speak to combat the next Republican administration and it is going to get ugly.

Gone are the days we actually worried about enemies abroad.  We have our OWN enemies right here in our own country.  Obama has opened our borders and is funding anybody and everybody to keep his precious power.  But trust me, that is already done.  They know they are history.  Don't expect him to ride off into the sunset peacefully.  This guy is going to take everybody down with him.

We have to prepare for what is coming.  This administration is trying with all its might to break this country as it is.  Imagine how bad it will get when he realizes he is toast.  We need to fight for our right to bear arms and we need to prepare ourselves for the violence to come.  It's going to get ugly.

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