Friday, June 10, 2011

The Left Can't Drag Us Down

As much as the people I know are passionate that this president must be voted out of office, there is a major sense of fear that it won't happen.  This is good and this is bad.

The MSM will do everything in its power to convince the public that Obama is unbeatable.  They will tell us that overwhelmingly he is liked.  They will lie through their teeth and tell you whatever they think they need to say to convince people to stay home.  Don't bother won't change anything.

Even if the Boy King became the most unpopular person on the planet earth....They would adopt some collaborative talking point telling us that no matter what we do he is going to be re-elected.  That discourages voters.  If you feel the cause is lost you shrug your shoulders and move on.  If you think the fight is unwinable then you give up.

If the MSM were truthful to the public the Boy King would not be president right now.  If you look at his record of lies and see how horrible the economy is and how it has been his policies that has done it you see no reason whatsoever to defend him.  You are left scratching your head wondering how it could get this bad without the MSM even talking about it.  Or you're left wondering whether it really IS this bad because the MSM is not talking about it.

Which sadly, is going to be the very thing that kicks these idiots to the curb.  If the economy crashes, energy prices skyrocket, unemployment skyrockets, and inflation goes up not only will the Boy King get booted from office, the news media who censored the warnings will be retiring to their Hampton mansions.

What exactly has he done to improve foreign policy?  What exactly are we doing in Libya?  Now we're in Yemen.  Pakistan still hates us.  Iran is still building Nuclear weapons.  Syria is in a state of chaos.  Egypt is falling into radical Muslim influence.  He threw Israel under the bus.  He keeps dissing Britain.  He seems to be buddies with Hugo Chavez for some bizarre reason who is helping Iran build a missile base which the MSM is censoring.  He bends over for Russia and refuses to defend our missile defense programs.  Who knows what kind of relationship we have with China.

Who could call this success?

Who can't look at this situation and think "Gee what a GREAT President he is"???

How can the news media be justified in its reporting?  It does not inform the American people.  It DECEIVES the American people.

So we look at the above--and trust me I could have gone on for hours--and we wonder if the mountain is too high to climb.  Have no fear, my friends.  People are not this stupid.

Americans see right through this and know the deal.  The MSM may succeed in fooling some of the people but the majority are informed.  Remember during the run-up to the November elections the MSM did not tell people what a huge landslide it would be.  Hell, even after the election they slanted the results to make it "not so bad for the Democrats".  But the people know.  Just like the folks in Wisconsin who voted in the Republicans to fight the unions.  Just like the folks who threw out big time Democrats all over the country.  Just like the folks who voted out Ted Kennedy's Senate seat.  If that was not symbolic I don't know what is.

We just have to keep informing people.  Inform them even if they don't want to hear it.  Make sure the people around you know what the truth is.  Remind them of the Reagan vision.  Remind them of the malaise of Jimmy Carter and his radical left policies.  Americans want better than this.  They don't want to watch ugly brides throwing crap at each other.  They don't want polygamy rammed down their throats.  They don't want all the hate all the time.  We have a better future ahead of us as long as we don't let the left drag us down.

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