Friday, June 24, 2011

Get Angry People

Today I am angry.  There are a lot of things to be angry about.  Technically, it's never a good thing to be angry.  You can catch more bees with honey as they say.  Being angry is never the solution to a problem they say. If we're positive we'll get more results....they say.


It's time to get angry and it's time we take back our country.

At the beginning of the 2000s we somehow just handed over our country to Pelosi and her ilk of thugs.  We had scandal after scandal with GOP leaders and they rolled over and handed our government to these thieves.

As much as I supported and loved George Bush I have to say its the biggest mistake of his time in office.  He took the high ground and ignored the strategy on the left.  He had faith that the American people would see through their garbage and unfortunately he miscalculated.  The left did everything in their power to take advantage of common sense.  Pelosi and her group of thieves took the country and George Soros and his mafia became entrenched.

It is going to take a LOT of elbow grease to dismantle this skeleton of communism but we have GOT to get angry and do it.  If we sit back and hope for the best it is not going to work.

A kid can't even run a lemonade stand without being fined for it. 

Ronald McDonald has become a criminal.  The left is trying its best to ruin the McDonald's empire for no reason other than it is a very powerful private enterprise and it honors capitalism at its best.  For that reason the left is trying everything in its power to destroy it.

NASA is being used by the left to institute its cap and trade ponzi scam that will destroy this country to the core.  This is a scam.  Global warming is GARBAGE.  Yet Al Gore and the progressives have been using NASA resources since the early 1990s to help initiate it.  NASA has been defunded down to the bones except for the global warming projects.  Communists have taken over this organization that once was a shining example of scientific integrity.  Now it is a scam.  They are ending space exploration.  The shuttle is being grounded.  We now have planes flying over US cities monitoring "pollution".  Every person in this country should be infuriated.  We have physicists and scientists working on

The entire MSM is bought and paid for by the liberals.  They censor news.  They target and attack conservatives in coordination.  They spread propaganda for the liberal party.  They slander and spread rumors to attack free enterprise.  They lie to the American people.  Most of us grew up in the era when the Soviet Union did this and know what it was like.  We are now living in a time when our own news media is doing the EXACT SAME THING against us.  The only watch dog we have against this propaganda is the internet.  Fox news even has its hands tied because the George Soros machine is going after it with full guns.

How can a billionaire who made his fortune COLLAPSING European countries be so active in this country?  The man has made it his life's ambition to destroy the US yet here he is in the US doing business.  Why is that allowed to happen?  Who is going after HIM?  I do not see ONE POLITICIAN threatening to go after George Soros. and Media Matters are completely dedicated to shutting down all conservative forms of media.  How is that freedom of speech?  This man wants to DESTROY THE US yet nobody seems to give a crap. 

Why aren't we getting angry?  Where is the anger?  When an airline can ban people of Jewish faith from flying on their planes and the news media DOES NOTHING where is the anger?  How do Jewish people just continue to support Obama blindly when Israel is being threatened with its very existence?
Food prices are going up.  Gas prices are going up.  Energy prices are going up.  This president lies every time he opens his mouth.  He plays golf and campaigns...that's about it.  We're all hanging on by a thread watching the economy collapse and people just don't seem to get it.

We need to get angry and we need to make sure the media hears us. has been created for conservatives to share and organize information.  It will not be long before the liberals start taking control of the internet.  People need to plan now for the future.  Before the election next year when it becomes obvious to the progressive left that their time in power is history there will be some Hail Mary passes.  We have to prepare for it.  Be ready.

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