Monday, June 20, 2011

Democrats Being Desperate and Hollywood Chefs Being Stupid

Another day, another slog through liberal nonsense.  I hope you've noticed the same thing I have.  The liberals are starting to get desperate.  They suddenly realize that under Obama's policies our economy completely sucks.  No Bill Clinton miracle this time.  That's because they never gave credit to the Republican congress that FORCED Bill Clinton to adopt most of his policies.  Obama had Pelosi.  Now Pelosi is filthy rich...62% more rich....and Obama has nothing to show for it except a shiny new set of golf clubs..

Not a good image for re-election.

The great wall of liberal hope and change is beginning to crumble.  More people are unemployed.  Those who do have jobs are getting less hours thus making less money and our bills are going up.  Our food prices are going up.  Gas prices are more than doubled since George Bush.  It's even getting to the point when you expect to get a fine or ticket for going to eat at McDonald's.  You CERTAINLY can't run a lemonade stand.  Heaven forbid.

Speaking of which, NBC decided TWICE to eliminate the "Under God" portion of the pledge of allegiance at the US Open broadcast and Americans were infuriated.  So much so that NBC actually apologized.

It must have been some seriously huge reaction to get NBC to react like that.  I can promise you they know that 99% of the things they do ticks people off but they usually just ignore it.  To get them to apologize it must have been really ugly.  That makes me feel good.  That tells me people are getting sick of this liberal onslaught.  Well, honestly, I think people have been getting sick of it for a long time....Now they are going to do something about it.

It takes a lot to force conservatives to react.  We are by nature conservative.  We are used to the liberals bashing, slandering, and basically walking over us.  But there's a tipping point.  Looking at these uber left hippy leftists in Hollywood like Alyssa Milano who do nothing, and I mean NOTHING, but spend their days slandering conservatives and spreading lies and misinformation.  It would be easy to just blow it off as unimportant but IT IS IMPORTANT.  These idiots need to stop preaching to us their philosophy of "life".  I don't agree with it.  Hollywood has no business dictating to US how we should live.  They live in a bubble of make believe.  They live in California for one thing which is the most bankrupt state in the country FOR A REASON.  Because they have corrupt legislatures who give tax breaks and money to GRAPE FARMERS so they can all pass free fancy wine bottles around to each other on some stupid train that runs through grape country and giggle at how clever and refined they are.  Chefs on TV who are getting rich because they know how to lick the toes of politicians and get money who DO NOTHING but bleat propaganda from the liberal party truly do not attract me to watch them on TV.  It's becoming more and more this way on shows I used to like but now it's just getting downright STUPID.

Food Network in the past couple of years has completely run itself aground doing this.  They started a show called "Next Food Network Star" and the first season the FANS got to choose the winner.  Well they didn't like that result.  They wanted to be politically correct.  What do the "little people" know anyway?  In 2008 when Obama was running they chose this black guy....who was probably a really great guy....but to me the only reason they chose him was because he was black.  The entire show had a liberal tilt to it.  I predicted in the very beginning he would win and I was right.  Ever since the seasons have been more about what the politically correct ethnic theme of the WH is.  They are running commercials about "Starving US Children".  Excuse me???  I thought our kids were all obese, fat and lazy?  Which is it?  Are we starving or fat?  I guess it depends on what they are trying to pander to the WH about that day.  This year they have this bully Middle Eastern woman that they love.  She is just plain ugly and mean but the FN LOVES her.  She is an "empowered Middle Eastern woman".  They are swooning with delight.  Even though you go to the website and see that all the fans absolutely HATE her because she is so hateful.  That doesn't matter.  They have a theme, dammit.  They have to pander to the White House.


I have no desire to watch these cooking shows if all it is is a bunch of elitist liberals pandering to the White House.  Don't tell me what to eat.  Don't tell me your social themes.  If you're going to have a competition be fair and stop trying to be "socially correct".  Don't tell me kids "across the US are starving" and then in the same damn breath take their chocolate milk away from school and tell me they are fat, lazy and obese.  Since when are chefs supposed to be Hollywood stars who bleat Liberal nonsense??? 

Most important of all.....How on earth can they have a show on "the best barbecue" and feature three southern barbecue legends and guess who won the barbecue contest???  Some hippy guy from New York City who COOKED THE BEST TOFU.

Is that hysterical?  Please...give me a break people.  Go back to cooking and get the hell out of politics.

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