Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Republicans Have To Stand Together

We all know for a fact that we are up against the wall when it comes to the liberal news media.  Fox news is the only news channel that does not censor the news and even they bend to pressure from the WH and liberal left.  Hollywood has established itself as a propaganda arm of the leftist progressives.  The socialist, anti-American left has done a very good job of taking over the media from TV programs, movies, news anchors, art, education....They've infiltrated and spread their propaganda far and wide.  They continue to dig in we are seeing law after law being passed to control us.  Kids can't even drink chocolate milk at some schools.  When celebrity chefs take over our school system lunches the alarms should be going off.

I continue to say that we should be building a fence to shut off California from the rest of the country instead of Mexico.  The rich and priviliged few think they know how the rest of Americans should live and they continue to lecture us and demand we live THEIR way.  They try to change our thinking and censor our history.  These people are living on another planet...Why should we be listening to them?

For this reason we have to stand together.  There is a side that says we should concentrate on attacking those Republicans who do not stand tough.  They call the GOP names and attack them and I do not agree with this strategy.  I've been a Republican all my life.  One of the things I like about being a Republican is that I can have different opinions and ideas and not be put in a box.  My core beliefs are the same as everyone else's but I don't get threatened by fellow conservatives if I have different views.  I find conservatives much more tolerant and accepting than the liberals.  The liberal party is so stuck on stupid they can't even express an idea or opinion without physical violence from the other side.  The socialist/communist tactics of the left have no place in the Republican party.

Everyone is worried that the MSM will somehow convince us that Romney will be the best candidate.  You know what?  I don't happen to like Romney much but I'm sure not going to go out and vilify him.  We have the entire Hollywood culture and MSM against us.  We have the comedians and actors against us.  If we don't stick together we will be divided.  United we stand, divided we fall.

We don't have to hate people we disagree with.  We don't have to spread ugly rumors and lies and be nasty.  We need to fight for our Christian rights.  We need to stand up for integrity.  We need to be positive and uplifting.  All the things the liberals are NOT.

Ronald Reagan won because he brought us together and gave us hope and pride.  He didn't win because he convinced us what a freak Carter was.  We already knew what a freak Carter was.  He won because he showed us the way to having a better life....and it worked.  The same can be done now with the Boy King.  The American people already know his policies are a failure.  We just have to show people the Republicans can turn things around and make things good again.

Ronald Reagan said it best...."Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"

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