Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Democratic Hate Train To Nowhere

Have you noticed that for the last week or so the Democrats keep talking about "civil discontent"?  If you didn't keep up on a regular basis with the communist groups you'd think this type of story was of benefit to the GOP.  You'd think...Gee, that doesn't sound good for Obama at all.  But look between the lines.

These kind of headlines are a rallying cry for all the groups the Dems are exploiting.  All the "punish our enemies" speeches.  All the speeches about racism.  The black community gets angry when it sees story after story after story about racism. 

The communist groups around the world have been trying to stoke discontent for years.  They talk about it constantly.  All the progressives in the Democratic party use the same language.  Most Americans don't follow these groups or know what they are saying but people like you and me pay attention and recognize it.  They are BANKING on the MSM ignoring them so they can continue with their propaganda and remain under the radar.

The majority of Americans are tired of the hate coming from the MSM, Hollywood, and the Democratic party.  You turn on your TV these days and what do you see?  Crocodiles eating people.  My daughter was commenting the other day on how the Animal Planet has gotten so disgusting.  It's not about cute and fun facts about animals any more.  It's about "Crocodile feeding frenzies", animals being killed.  Far-left freaks trying to save whales by illegally going after Japanese fishermen and misinforming the public.  The far-left Vegan groups run commercials with cute little dogs and cats all beat up and sick looking.  They want you to donate money to "save these kittens" when in reality your money goes to sue the Dairy farms and meat processing places trying to run them out of business.  They constantly push the global warming CRAP that is based on junk science.  It is a means to expand government and take control and has nothing to do with the environment.  It is probably the biggest scam of our life time.

Hollywood targets family life and religion.  Want a show about a man with five wives?  Want a show with a bunch of redneck women cursing and acting like fools getting married?  Want a show about some elitist snobs in Hollywood who decorate celebrity houses?  I was watching that show yesterday with my daughter.  These elitist Hollywood designers who won't take a project for less than a million bucks.  Basically, the Hollywood star calls them up and says "You have 3 days to fix up an apartment" so these people go out and find a house or apartment and decorate it for millions of dollars so when the star comes to town they just walk in the front door and their house is done.

This is the same star who goes on TV and lectures you on what to drive, what to eat, and what you should buy and wear and then proceeds to tell you what a racist homophobe you are.  Is this the moral compass you want in your life?  Really?

In perspective, a hundred years ago most people in the US did not even have electricity.  You woke up at dawn and went out and worked in the fields.  You grew what you ate.  If it was a bad weather year you got by on what you could.  There was no TV, no cable, no refrigerator, no water bottles, no bathroom, no computer, no cell phones, no nothing.  Each day was a struggle to survive.  You went to church and you were grateful to be alive.  You had kids at home and if you lost half of them you were lucky.  There were no ambulances or acute care centers and no antibiotics for that matter.  People lived to the ripe age of 35 and it showed.

The left wants to paint this picture in people's heads about white Americans and how racist they were a hundred years ago.  Most people didn't even know a black person.  If they did they were probably just as poor as they were.  The Dems want to re-write history and present history in a different light than it really was.  They don't like it when people tell the truth.  They want Americans to believe their fictional interpretation.

Hollywood is make believe.  Hollywood is not interested in the truth.  They've been taken over by a bunch of political liars who have an agenda.  The same elitist snobs that live in the multi-millionaire homes that are decorated by millionaire designers who tell you what to drive, what to eat, how to dress, and how to act.  They hate your religion and they hate your family values.

The keyword is hate.  There is a lot of hate going around these days.

Republicans need to embrace the words of Ronald Reagan.  He had a vision and faith.  America was great and he was going to make you realize that we are strong and good and can become bigger and better.  We do not have to embrace the hate that the left wants to impose on us.  We do not have to watch redneck women beating people up in wedding dresses.  That is not who we are.  We do not have to watch dogs and cats being butchered.  We are better than that.  We do not have to accept and tolerate men who are so sex-crazed and selfish they think they can have as many wives as they want and demean women.  Women are better than that.

If the Democrats want that dream world they can take it somewhere else.  We're not going to let them ruin our country and take away our freedom.  They can take their hate and stuff it.

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